UPDATE April Fools Swell 2017

FORECASTER NOTE: What ever is coming better get it. Looks like pattern shift coming with up coming forecast period with several rounds of WSW Flow setting up along the Eastern Seaboard.

The area previously tagged as 90L INVEST that produced some solid surf for select locations along the U.S. East Coast has now morphed into a Hurricane Force Low near Newfoundland with OBX Low inbound.2017-03-31_065823
Current Max Seas 33 Feet increasing to near 40 Feet next 24Hrs or so. This confirms our call in our video updates on 2 Hurricane Force Lows for the Atlantic in a 7 day period, and 2 Hurricane Force Lows in the Pacific in a same 7 day period.2017-03-31_070639Latest NOAA swell forecast showing wide spread 15-18 seconds 20 seconds front runners developing next 48HRS. If you have been following our updates, with the exception of a few along the U.S. East Coast it looks like we got fooled this year. 2017-03-31_070729
The timing of the OBX Low and system behind will likely impeded swell heights South of the OBX. Majority swell energy headed towards the Islands and Eastern Atlantic. OBX Low putting strong SW flow into incoming swell. 2017-03-31_064904
We will go into a buoy watch. For now only a few select locations will have Fun Surf Alert conditions along the U.S. East Coast. For Florida surfers buoy to watch for incoming swell energy is the South Hatteras Buoy.

Pushed for time this morning with the day job. Stay tuned will update this post this evening with buoy obs.

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