April Fools Swell 2017

April Fools Swell 2017 MARCH 29th

Forecaster Note: We do not play or do April Fools Jokes when it comes to weather. Forecast video update coming later today. Our call for the massive swell Pacific side, unfolding in Real-Time. See last video update for more detail.


In the Atlantic, A MASSIVE SWELL by Atlantic Ocean Standards is about to develop in Real-Time as well. In FACT, this looks to be the largest swell for the entire Winter Swell Season in both theaters, so stay tuned for the video forecast coming. Forecast for West Afrika Surf Camp NGOR pushing 15-25 FEET by Friday.

Big Ups to Chetri Dimitroff Supreme Stucco and Plastering. Yesterday, our computer monitor crashed right at the height of waiting for an announcement by the National Hurricane Center on what has now become 90L Invest North of Hispaniola. Guys we receive no funding and no sponsors for the information we pump out. We will be launching a T-Shirt Campaign shortly for those who wish to show your support. Stay tuned in for that. Again, many tanks tu Bruddah Chetri. 808+DaBuh is like Volcom Stone who is Tru tu Dis an Let da kids ride fo free. Love you long time bra.

Start you off in the Atlantic. What is about to happen in the Atlantic basin has not been seen in a very very long time. Regardless of weather or knot 90L INVEST gets tagged as AR-LEEN the Atlantic is about to EXPLODE. Please remember just because it’s not breaking at your house, doesn’t mean its not going off at someone else’s. Get a ticket for an Aero-Plane, cant do that, take a fast train.

Gunna number these features.
#1, Low Pressure just East of NF kicking it off. Seas increasing to 40 FEET setting up in WNW swell 15-18 Seconds developing. This is the incoming for Surf Camp NGOR mentioned above for Friday. GFS Showing Sub 960MB with a 21MB drop in the next 12hrs or so.
Go back to the satellite imagery. Area’s 2 and 3 merge with 90L sucking up.
Image below is for Thursday March 30th next 72HRS. This is going to get Northerly Swell going between 1032 MB High. Take note a #4 has been added.
Image below for Friday March 31St. 90L INVEST and (2+3) combine for another Sub 960 #BOMB. Seas likely again 40 FEET with OBX LOW incoming.2017-03-27_095448
Pushed for time this morning. Stay tuned for the YouGot Tubed Video forecast update coming. Will post it here so check this post later today for that update. Stay Tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time updates via our mobile device on 90L INVEST. Please consider making a donation by visiting this paypal link and thanks for following DaBuh Surf Forecast. We are approaching the 60 Day Mark for the Official Start of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season and it looks like the season is already getting started. Stay Tuned.2017-03-27_075722

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