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Massive swell developing in the North Pacific behind area of low pressure  that moved off Japan over the last several days as developing Hurricane Force Low. Max seas forecast to near 50 feet in WNW Swell. It now appears a repeat performance is coming with NEW Hurricane Force Low coming that will put another solid burst of swell setting up another massive one in size.2017-03-23_101533
NOAA 48HR Swell Forecast. Seas are forecast to remain above 30 FEET as the system pendulums up towards the Aleutians. 20 second front runners creeping out. 2017-03-23_101638
At 96HRS slamming the U.S. WestCoast. 2017-03-23_101705Now factor in NEW Hurricane Force Low in coming depicted above. I wonder if there is a bounce factor with the first swell no place to go. Stay tuned for more updates for above. Could possibly go down as one of the Top 10 Swells of All-Time.

Jump you to the Atlantic. Our last update models were showing a series of OBX Lows the first one kicked off 48HRS ago. The next one now appears to get shoved NE away from the Mid-Atlantic. What replaces it is a surface low now forecast to develop North of PR and the Dominican Republic. Lots of uncertainty however wide spread GALES developing. Seas increasing 12-15 FEET next 48-72 Hours. There is an outside shot at seeing Tropical or Sub Tropical Storm AR-LEEN coming.2017-03-23_070252
Interesting to note that NOAA has activated a floater for a surface feature and has given it a designation of 14L on their Floaters Page. Latest surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center. X marks the spot where surface low is suspected of developing in the next 72HRS.2017-03-23_071444
Lots of uncertainty as to the exact outcome. Recent wind model runs of the GFS showing gust as high as 45KTS. Image is for Sunday.2017-03-23_050833
Lots of time to watch. Heres the latest forecast video update.
Stay Tuned

Latest NOAA Swell forecast showing ESE Swell developing 12 -13 seconds.2017-03-23_091324

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