Spring Fling 2017 Possible Major Swell Event

Here comes the Real-Time Phase of possibly the last winter type caliber swell event for the Pacific we have been detailing in our Social Feeds. Hurricane Force Low developing moving off Japan. Three things to note here. Low moving over Japan (Hurricane Force next 24-48HRS) GALE to the NE up towards the Aleutians which has been in place for 72HRS or so. This GALE has started the NPAC into a predominate WNW Swell component. An third is the area of Low pressure right hand portion of the image. This moves off towards the East as developing GALE West of the Central California Coast.2017-03-20_101301
Latest NOAA 96HR wind wave forecast showing two systems producing large WNW Swell. Developing Hurricane Force Low seas increasing to near 40 Feet (12 METERS) in WNW Swell and 20-25 Feet ( 7 METERS) developing GALE West of the Central California Coast. The 40 line runs through Central Cali and is just on the other side of the pic frame.2017-03-20_101940Latest GFS showing 965 Aleutian BOMB Day 5 (Friday)2017-03-20_102412Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast with multiple systems producing WNW Swell.2017-03-20_103011Heres a look at the Western U.S. study the pattern and the flow. This pattern is known to produce OBX Lows. Flow is from left to right so heavy precip is returning to the Western United States during the upcoming forecast period.2017-03-20_103358Heres the look over the U.S. this morning. Again flow is from left to right. We have the Storm off New England headed for Newfoundland. This pattern is known to drag low pressure across the U.S. and over the OBX.2017-03-20_104009
Latest forecast models showing 2 weak lows exiting in the upcoming forecast period. 1st one in about 48HRS Putting another charge of NE in the water.2017-03-20_104420And another one week from today. Thats 7 Days from now where confidence begins to increase with forecast models.2017-03-20_104605Image for next Monday NE Winds 40Kts with perfect NE Fetch.
IF MODELS WERE TO VERIFY. Seas would likely increase to excess 25 Feet. With swell direction and period would qualify for DaBuh.com Major Swell Event status for Atlantic Waters.2017-03-20_104859
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