What an EXPLOSIVE Period 5 NATLC Cane Force Lows ?

Sorry for the non updates have have been working my day job as of late.
WOW what an explosive period we are going through this side of the Northern Hemi. Some standout headlines in our previous updates here on DaBuh.com over last couple of weeks.
“North Atlantic Set to Explode” (Check) and “Models hinting at a Clipper Like Pattern Setting Up”
And here it is.

Not positive on these number but it is either 4 or 5 Hurricane Force Lows for the North Atlantic Waters over the last 7 days or so. Regardless of those numbers appears more are on the way with a NEW Cane Force Low forecast to develop next 72-96HRS East of Cape Cod. GFS showing 970MB.

For folks living in the SE U.S. threat for heavy rains and severe wx coming. Look down towards Texas.
The 2017 tornado season appears to be well on it’s way. The peak of season comes in the month of May. Models have ┬áconsistently develop an area of Low pressure moving through the Gulf Region next week and then across Florida out into the Atlantic as week Low pressure. Unclear on the threat for severe wx at the moment but the ingredients will be there. ┬áStay tuned for updates on that.2017-02-10_075537
Heres this mornings satellite imagery of the storm that moved through New England and this Clipper Like Pattern or referred to sometime as Alberta Clippers.
Seas this morning off the Mid-Atlantic are an astonishing 27 FEET ENE of the OBX and Excess 30 near Newfoundland. Keep in mind NEW incoming Hurricane Force Low forecast GFS above next 72-96HRS.
And the door appears to be open with yet another storm setting up near the Gulf of Alaska leading to more heavy precip into the Western United States just inside of 10 days. Day 9 of the 00Z GFS.2017-02-10_053809
Over on the Atlantic Side we are in the Real-Time phase of the AZORES Low mentioned in previous updates. The call for the pendulum swing to predominate NE Swell for majority of NATLC waters looks to be a bust as models continue to bring in Low pressure to the Mid-Atlantic keeping swell direction in a WNW fetch. Latest 48HR NOAA Swell forecast. So this is going up against the NE fetch of the AZORE Low keeping it from reaching SW Atlantic waters.
2017-02-10_090855NEW Hurricane Force Low showing up in the 96HR Swell Forecast with seas increasing excess 25 feet once again ENE of OBX in WNW Swell so if you are going to the islands it wont be flat.2017-02-10_091031Next shot at a bump for Florida surfers in the extended forecast looks to be heading into next weekend as week Low pressure moves over Florida that could increase some localized NE Wind swell. After that not much hope at the moment when looking past the 10 day mark. Very disappointing to see all of this atmospheric energy in the shape of storms and not reap the rewards of the energy unleashed.2017-02-10_091611
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