North PAC Coming Back to Life

The North Pacific is coming back to Life with the clock ticking on the window for the Quicksilver 2017 EDDIE. Holding period window ends February 28th. Currently the window on the Volcom Pipe Pro is now open. Contest window runs from January 30th through February 10th and chances look to be increasing on running this event. Click the image to redirect then click event details for the latest around noon Eastern Standard Time for the update.
Currently we have Low Pressure Storm NE of Hawaii that is forecast to reduce to GALE next 48 while moving towards the ENE over the next 96HRS. Seas forecast excess 30 Feet in NE Swell in front of NW Swell developing in the NW Pacific behind incoming Storm.2017-01-30_073407Incoming Storm NW PAC also forecast to produce seas in excess 30 Feet in NW Swell.2017-01-30_075412
Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast. GALE off the U.S. West Coast incoming NW Swell.
2017-01-30_080041 Unfortunately as the GALE gets closer to the coast another round of some heavy precip is coming with it and the Western U.S. could use a break. Too much of a good thing all at once can be detrimental. At least the brutal drought conditions of the past several years is over. Image is for this Friday February 3rd.2017-01-30_080334
Beyond that both GFS and EURO trying to light it up inside of 10 days.
OOZ EURO for Day 9 February 8th showing two Low Pressure Systems again with localized NNE Swell and distant NW Swell inbound.2017-01-30_081447
Image 00Z GFS Day 10 February 9th.2017-01-30_082002 Current JMA NW PAC and developing storm producing NW Swell in swell image above. Seas increasing excess 30 Feet.2017-01-30_082646
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