Mini Bounce ? NATLC Set to Explode

Well Guys, cant say we didn’t warn you the small for all is in. There are some varying degrees of local swell events around the horn from the GOMEX on through the NE. The North Atlantic is set to explode. Unfortunately this is not a favorable pattern for U.S. East Coast swell production as the pattern dictates a majority West Swell component.

Following our REEF-Racktion Swell post looks like there could be a little Mini Bounce coming. NW winds increasing on an already pre-existing Westerly flow should bring some promise for a small bump for SOFLO.
2017-01-29_194701Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast paints the picture for U.S. East Coast surfers. West swell into Portugal WSW into Ireland through the UK behind Hurricane Force Low Developing. If you look down into Florida you can see some swell directional change so again a little hope in the upcoming forecast.
2017-01-29_155655This was this mornings imagery of 1st in a series2017-01-29_091055When looking at the image above think about how that is now pulling whats over the U.S. into the Atlantic. Here comes the 2nd. Image below also from this morning.2017-01-29_094625
The energy above from this morning developing into a Hurricane Force Low next 48 passing South of Newfoundland on its way to the NE Atlantic.2017-01-29_200531GFS showing MAX winds 60KTS going into Wednesday morning seas increasing excess 45 Feet.
There is a little hope but not much to break the small for all. Blocking High is setting up in the East Atlantic. The multiple days of ESE trade winds COULD get a small trade wind swell going. It’s gonna be out there a while and as mentioned above you can see some swell directional change in the NOAA Swell model.
2017-01-29_201359Next shot at a pulse of swell out of the North now looks to be setting up for next weekend. Blocking High still in the East with a decent Northerly Flow coming across the Cape. These to combined features could put surf in rideable conditions for the right locations. Not alot of confidence at the moment something we will keep an eye on in the upcoming model runs so stay tuned in for that as well.2017-01-29_202021
We talked about in a previous post and in our video forecast updates how over time the current pattern we are in was known to produce OBX Lows. This is day 10 Wednesday Feb 8th. Keep in mind this model image is just a moment in time and the only confidence is whats happening and going to happen up in the North Atlantic over the next 7-10 days. NON STOP I would hate to be a merchant marine on a trade route.2017-01-29_202629
All for now stay tuned for the update.

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