Dont get a chance to talk about the Gulf of Mexico very much but it now appears the largest seas since Hurricane HER-MEEN are about to take place in the Gulf of Mexico. Latest NOAA 72HR wind wave forecast showing seas near 20 FEET in WNW Swell developing. Needles to say small craft should remain in port until this event passes with seas slowly subsiding next week. Here comes that “Wild Card” incredible set up Back Door OBX LOW. Last nights run of the GFS for Monday with the system continuing on off towards the NE. Threat for severe weather and heavy rains through the SE on up through New England so be safe everyone.
Latest NOAA 72HR Windwave.
This is a pretty amazing setup. This image is for Sunday. 24HRS before the GFS image above. If you look just inland West of the Outer Banks you can see a destination point when looking back at the GFS above for Monday. Lift and Wrap.
Latest 72HR Swell Forecast with WNW Swell developing.
Atlantic Surfers here is last nights video update. You can see the beginning phase of Southerly Suckup about to suck the life out of the West Atlantic.

Here was the Buoy Update posted up to our Social Feeds earlier this morning. Swell showing on all indicator Da Buh wees.
Latest NOAA 96HR Swell forecast. Pattern setting up sending everything toward the NE Atlantic putting West Atlantic waters in negative swell production for surf while the NE Atlantic explodes over the next 7-10 day periods. Long duration of NW AND SW fetches all aimed in that direction.
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