Sorry for the non updates as of late as there has not been much to talk about in the forecast. If you have been following our forecast the GALE of yesterday (Image Jan 12) and the combination with the AZORE Low we have been detailing over the last several updates has put a nice NE Groundswell in the water.
2017-01-13_075757Zoomed in view.
Latest NOAA swell forecast showing some 12-13 second periods filling in over the weekend with wind becoming the factor. 2017-01-13_080315
Indicator Buoys have responded in kind. South Hatteras Buoy showing solid swell 6 Feet 12 seconds.2017-01-13_080804
All the way over to the PR Buoy 12-14 Feet at 13 seconds.2017-01-13_080952
What ever is coming over the weekend get what you can. I know the winds may not be favorable but it looks like a pattern shift coming and the surf forecast is going negative until the next event sets up which looks to start up in about 10 days. Last nights run of the EURO.2017-01-13_081255
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