GALE Developing NE of PR Next 48 Hours

Heres this mornings satellite imagery. The AZORE Low we have been talking about for over a week now is finally on the move. The combination of this in the East Atlantic and the two areas of Low pressure that kicked off the Mid-Atlantic has put the West Atlantic in a favorable swell component. The 2nd Low currently SE of Cape Cod is off to the NATLC with NEW Frontal Low developing North of PR. The AZORE Low is in retro back towards the West and is forecast to dissipate.2017-01-09_071717
Here’s what that looks like in the overnight run of the 00Z GFS for the next 48HRS. AZORE Low on right NEW Low/GALE on the left. Take note of the 1040 High over Newfoundland (NF). The NEW Low will pinch the P-GRAD increasing NE Swell over the next 72-96HRS.
Heres the latest NOAA Swell forecast out of the OPC with 12-13 second ENE Swell periods filling in next 72-96 hours. Unfortunately winds may not be the best for all locations. Check your local wind forecast as I do not know your breaks and what is best for your wind conditions.2017-01-09_083455
Latest out of the National Hurricane Center Wind Wave forecast showing a wide swath of seas in excess of 10 feet aimed at the Islands. MAX Seas just above 20 feet.
2017-01-09_084424This in combination of Moderate to Strong Northerly Flow behind 2ND Low SE of Cape Detailed above will put some serious swell in the water. Again wind conditions may not be favorable for all standout locations of PR and the Islands as the NEW Low is forecast to drop South and dissipate over the next 4-5 days.
What ever is coming get what you can and DONT complain. Looks like this is the end of this event we have been forecasting for over 10 days now and a flat spell looks to kick in after this coming weekend until the next event sets up which may not be until the last week in January. At least thats what it looks like at the moment. That is unless you have travel plans for Cali or Hawaii as a pair of Hurricane Force Lows are currently developing in the NPAC. Swell generated from the 1st one in Red on the right and 2nd one in Red on the left. Latest 96HR NOAA Swell forecast.2017-01-09_085844
Imagery courtesy JMA

Will likely cut a YouTube video later today to add to this post.
Stay tuned for the update.

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