Main Event Setting Up for this Weekend

JANUARY 5th 2016

Intense weather to start 2017 continues. Main Event for U.S. East-coast this weekend.
In our last update we mentioned the phrase Climatic Event. This is often confused with Climactic Event. Climatic having to do with timescale of Climate, and Climactic meaning the top of scale or height.
A crescendo if you will,  a gradual increase in loudness and its about to get loud. Lots of moving parts this side of the Northern Hemi next 7-10 Days. After a typical Climax a period of calm usually follows so stay tuned as exciting times remain ahead.

California Drought a Climatic Event ?

Over the last 4-5 years California has suffered through X-Treme drought. Most would consider this as a Climatic Event. Periods of drought have existed many times in the timescale for the Western U.S. When the reverse happens (an exceptional period of rain) The same can be said. In the last year a steady stream of precipitation was been flowing into the Western U.S. allowing statewide California reservoirs  to recover to 88% of historical levels. One of the ingredients missing has been winter snow pack. Missing no more as 42 Inches fell overnight from Jan 3rd to the 4th with more on the way this weekend.

Surfers take note of the 35KT Stationary Gale right hand portion of the image. This is partial energy of the Double Barrel Low-AZORES Low we have been detailing in previous updates and our forecast video. Mind you this is 96HRS out.
We discussed verification by satellite imagery in our last update. This is a zoomed in view of yesterdays EOSDIS Hi-Res imagery. 2017-01-04_063212

And now the bigger picture.
Sometimes things take time to develop. The EURO has been suggesting that the Tail End of the front from Low moving across Florida this weekend may interact with the stationary GALE now forecast and possibly push West to North of the Islands in about 10 Days. 00Z EURO putting a 1008 MB Low NNE of PR. If you have been following us on our Social feeds you know we have been posting about this last several days as a POSSIBLE Sub-Trop/Tropical Storm AR-LEEN. Again Weight and Sea. 2017-01-04_065631

JANUARY 5th 2016

Entering Real Time phase of this next event. POSSIBLE Major Swell Event setting up on the Atlantic Side with a legitimate shot at the Eddie coming up in the Pacific.

Please note that it takes time to set up for a video forecast update and gather our thoughts. Please excuse any geographical areas as we do not edit out any mistakes. Sometimes we leave things out by accident only to be discovered after we cut the video.
Video best watched in full screen.

Stay tuned for the NOAA swell forecast update for the Atlantic side. Fresh maps being genereated and we will start a NEW post on that.

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