INTENSE Weather Pattern Setting Up to Start 2017


Happy New Year everyone from Wishing you and your families the best of 2017.
As we ended our last video update posted 4 days ago, we ended it with, “looks like exciting times ahead”. No better timing than to start it off at the first of the year of our Lord 2017.

We have mentioned in our updates over the past 7 plus days that a pattern shift looked to becoming after the first of the year to a more typical winter like pattern. We also have been discussing weather weirding with pattern and events seemingly out of the usual for the month of December.

Anytime there is a pattern shift (El Nino to El Nina) things can become less predictable until the pattern sets. The only way you can verify what models are showing is to be able to see it in the imagery. Everything in life is controlled by waves. There are waves in the atmosphere. Picture yourself in a football stadium doing the wave. A big one, looks to be setting up in the upcoming forecast period. We will stop short of saying Climatic Event but reserve the right to use it later.

Current look East Pacific Jan 1 and the Pacific looks to explode with a MASSIVE Swell in the exntended forecast period. Giving rise to a legitimate shot at the EDDIE.
We have a video update coming so stay tuned in for that.2017-01-01_035137
California has been under severe drought over the last 4-5 years. During the last year precip has returned to the West U.S. Coast. CURRENTLY California Reservoirs are at 88% of historical and Severe Drought conditions have been reduced state wide by nearly 50%. This after claims made that California was in a permanent drought that could last hundreds of years.

Long time followers of our forecast know we always like to get word from the street. for Tuesday with pattern setting up with a wide influx of DEEP PAC moisture into the Western U.S. with 2ND Winter Storm developing over the Great Lakes Region. GFS as an outlier at the monet showing some possible intensification coming across the Gulf of Maine yet again. Two times in 7 days ? Either way looks like more white stuff getting ready to fly again.
Again just to be clear GFS is an outlier at the moment. This is 00Z week from today January 8th but this qualifies for some INTENSE Weather if this was to verify. In a Red Hot Chilli Pepper world, thats alot of Dreaming of Californication, hardcore……… weather porn.
So lets, Take it on to the Otherside.
Whats happening in the Pacific is happening in the Atlantic. In the sense that DUAL Blocking Highs have developed. One in the Gulf of Alaska and the other in the NE Atlantic near the Southern Tip of Greenland. Because of this, area’s of Low pressure have no choice but to go over,under and or around once they come up against the block. The questions at the moment is how long will it be before they begin to slide and what doors open after.
2017-01-01_055148They are nearly mirror images of themselves locked in place. 1045 and 1043. Even the Lows are nearly in the same location just different theaters.2017-01-01_054904Atlantic surfers stay tuned for the video update coming and we will have the latest on the forecast.
Entering Real-Time Phase of Large North Atlantic Swell Event we have been advertising on our feeds for over a week with this AZORE Low. Latest NOAA 96HR Swell forecast showing wide spread North Atlantic Swell Developing. There are some negatives for U.S. East Coast surfers. As we pointed out in our last video a WSW flow would develop off the coast and it could come down to timing of offshore winds verses swell arrival time.
Latest 48HR Wind Wave forecast out of the OPC showing seas increasing 30 Feet in association with Storm Force AZORE Low developing. Notice where the arrow is around the 6. This image is in meters and the second Low of the Double Barrel we have been talking about is forecast to tighten here a bit with seas increasing excess 25 Feet in ENE Swell. Islands should be rocking soon.2017-01-01_064248
Stay tuned for the video update. Will post it here later this morning.
Exciting times ahead continues to start 2017. Will stop short of saying POSSIBLE Major Swell Event coming in the extended period but as mentioned above reserve the right to use it later.
Please remember, Nothing in weather absolute until it happens in Real-Time.
Image for January 10th.2017-01-01_065250

JANUARY 1st 2017

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