Quick Update Leading Into Xmas

Effective around 1PM

Here’s a quick updated look heading into Christmas Week. Will likely cut a video later today so stay tuned. Northerly Surge now under way as the next Big High rolls out into the Atlantic.

We have gone into a Buoy Watch. First time since MATH-YOO. This is the Frying Pan Shoals NNE winds 25-30KTS and gusty. This Northerly surge extends all the way up into the offshore New England waters. It will be a quick pulse that at times can put a positive charge in the water giving window where that pulse can show up on local beaches. Winds have yet to rotate to NE on the South Hatteras Buoy. Buoy reporting South winds around 15-20KTS. We are monitoring this morning for the turn.

Couple of things to point out. GFS wind forecast for Friday the 23rd. This is the strongest the ESE trade we have been detailing in our updates. Large area of winds 25KTS and gusty. This will be the pulse from the East.
Latest 72HR swell forecast National Hurricane Center showing wide area 8-10 second swell periods developing.
Latest 96HR Swell Forecast out of NOAA’S OPC.
Latest wind wave matching the swell direction in seas into double digits, Thats “seas”. Will be monitoring the buoys to see how much swell verifies. Right now think about the Atlantic as a swashbuckler with these Northerly Surges rotating in as these Highs shift out into the Atlantic. For further reference see Bermuda High, Azores High.2016-12-19_055939This pattern cant last forever. For Island followers be patient. We are in search of Northerly Swell and
are monitoring for the change. First hints in the overnight. Image is for the 28th of December. Please note that the image represents a ?. Still long ways out so stay tuned for the update. 2016-12-19_053621 An update to this post and or YouTube video will likely be added later today.

Effective around 1PM

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