T-Minus 5 Days Official End 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

Hey whats up everybody. Happy belated Thanksgiving. We will likely be stepping up updates through the weekend so stay tuned to the site and our social feeds. Looks like pattern shift coming in the near term behind some shifting High Pressure and a moderate to strong Southerly return flow setting up North Gulf Coast with possible Surf Alert conditions. Image is for Monday. Seas forecast Double Digit North Central Gulf of Mexico and could see seas as high as 15 Feet. Current Max is 12.2016-11-25_125042
Here’s a video update. Did not get to point out all that we wanted to so just go with it for now. Still a little foggy after yesterdays fiesta. Possible First Hurricane Force Low of the season for NW Atlantic waters. Lots of uncertainty past day 7 but the players are on the board. Stay tuned for updates.
This is the GFS for Wednesday something we will be watching for as a possible shot at PAHL-LUH
Stay Tuned

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