Kick Off to November SURF ALERT Coming.

If you are a new follower welcome to If you were to go back and look at one of our long term observations after a Big Event, (MATH-YOO) you typically go into a quite phase until the next event sets up. Remember everything operates in waves and the atmosphere is fluid. For long time followers sorry for the non forecast updates there really hasn’t been anything to forecast behind the long period onshore flow we’ve had and on a side note I’ve been ill ever since the man o war sting about 30 days ago.
Feels like we’ve turned the corner and will begin to step the updates up. Will likely do a U-GOT-Tubed video this afternoon after we’ve had the chance to review the afternoon runs.

Looks like Heavy D Swell Coming…… Now that we found love what are we gonna do………. with it
Here comes the start of the “November to Remember” we’ve hinted at a few times.
What dials us in for November is Round Ball season kicks off with the NBA and it always makes us think of the Clippers as November kicks off the U.S. Clipper Season and OBX Lows. Here we go !!!!

Low Pressure responsible for heavy rains for PR and Islands looks to eject later today to the NE and a break from the heavy rains coming with a dry period for several days. NHC now at 20% Chance of development and the threat for heavy rainfall looks to persist today. Latest out of NOAA OPC showing No Name Storm developing setting up this side of the Atlantic in a favorable swell pattern for extended period of surf coming with chance at Major Swell Event coming.2016-11-02_052557
Season first Clipper like, OBX Low starting up in the day 4-5 window. If models hold true strong Northerly Fetch and duration swell headed towards the islands behind NE winds 40-45KTS as Low Pressure develops South of Nova Scotia East of Mid-Atlantic.
00Z GFS next Tuesday. Mind you this is a week out however the players are on the board and the pattern is setting up. The EURO on it as well however not so bullish at the moment.2016-11-02_050936Heres what it looks like in the latest wind forecast. This is Monday Evening inside of 7 days as confidence in forecast guidance increases. Would likely see seas in excess 25 feet possible 30 in NNE Swell taking this to Major Swell Event status.2016-11-02_051650Thats the extended forecast. Here comes your tune up. Strong Northerly surge developing into the weekend down the Eastern Seaboard with winds to Possible GALE Force. Possible Surf Alert conditions standout locations. Will be detailing wind forecast updates shortly. Latest out of the National Hurricane Center wind wave forecast next 72 hrs with seas increasing 10-12 Feet just off the SE U.S. Coast. All mariners with South bound travel plans ┬áto move your vessels South out of New England should pay close attention to the upcoming forecast noted above as a period where “Small Craft Should Remain in Port” looks to be coming.2016-11-02_053320
Latest 96HR Swell forecast out of NOAA OPC showing NO NAME Storm Developing out of PR Low putting this side of the North Atlantic in a favorable Swell pattern.2016-11-02_054017
This is a developing forecast so stay tuned for the updates. If you have been following our forecast for longer than two years please consider making a donation. We could use your help. We have put a ton of info out over the years here and on our social feeds. Donation Button is on the home page or visit search for DaBuh’s Surf Forecast. Will have a video update later today so stay tuned in for that. Quiet Phase no more.

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