November to Remember ?

Wow how bout that surf alert yesterday. If you saw our last video update posted 4 days ago on U GOT TUBED then you did exactly that yesterday at standout spots here at Backdoor NE Florida. It was our first paddle since MATH-YOO and boy has the sand shifted. Felt really good to have a clean wave to do full roundhouse cutty’s on a 8’6 CC Rider with Sunshine on the board.

Here comes the next Surf Alert setting up. Like history sometimes in weather the pattern repeats itself and this is the time of year that this can happen. It wont be long now before the words OBX LOW coming will be used. 99L INVEST is now gone and it looks like 90L and Possibly 91L INVEST are coming in to replace in the upcoming forecast period hopefully with repeat performance with larger conditions.
This is the 00Z GFS for next Saturday (inside of 7 days) setting up possibly the start to “November to Remember” as Low pressure moves up out of the Bahamas. Pretty much exactly what we just went through with 99L INVEST. There are some differences between GFS and EURO so there are some uncertainties. 2016-10-22_054950
Heres a look at the Big Picture. All the players are on the board. Just need the elements to come together.2016-10-22_080353
U-TUBE Video forecast update coming later today. Will post it here so stay tuned for that update.
00Z GFS Just inside of 10 Days. Sub Tropical-Tropical Storm AHT-TOH ?

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