Hurricane NIH-KOHL Swell Forecast

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NIH-KOHL has crossed the Island of Bermuda. If you follow us on our social feeds we are now entering the Real-Time phase of the big swell, possible top 5 Events for PR and surrounding Islands we have been advertising. With NIH-KOHL reaching Major Hurricane status, she now moves the 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season into the above average category for activity. Between her and her brother Matthew they have created more than 50% of the ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) of the 2016 season.
NIH-KOHL forecast to move NE. The arrows in the image depicts flow. The pattern setting up is known to increase the chances of homegrown development. Models are acting funny its that time of year where it becomes hard to pick up on tropical development. Most models were showing OTTO several days ago lifting up out of the SW Caribbean but have since backed off now showing just weak low pressure. For those who followed our forecast this year you know weak low pressure known to dump copious amounts of rain #BATONROUGEFLOODS. Prayers to Da Carolinians. Puerto Rico and surrounding Islands may experience severe to heavy rains coming post NIH-KOHL as weak low pressure may be over the region in about 5 days. We will be monitoring the Southern Caribbean over the next week or so with a Roberto Duran theme NO MAS.
Max Seas forecast with NIH-KOHL as of report time 44 FEET2016-10-13_132931
Latest out of NOAA OPC showing seas at 12 METERS (40 FEET) South of Newfoundland next 96 Hours. So thats 44 Feet now remaining 40 Feet next 4 days + or-.2016-10-13_132644
Latest Swell forecast showing 15-18 seconds spreading out towards the East Atlantic 14-15 seconds towards the SW. And Easterly swell into the NE. There were flash of some rare 20 Plus second periods headed for the East but has since disappeared. 2016-10-13_134158As always the question becomes wind. This event primarily an Island and East Atlantic Event.

FOR PR AND ISLANDS- Winds look to remain favorable. Latest forecast showing winds to pick up out of the S/SE starting around mid of next week. Unfortunately this is the time where possible heavy rains are coming. Please pay attention to your local forecast as flash flooding and dangerous mudslides could be coming as weak low pressure may try and move through the region.

Florida Surfers- Same old story. Killer Swell NE winds. Best two days for wind at the moment look to be Monday and Tuesday light 10-15kts out of the NE. ROBBED again but still extended period ride-able surf with another shot of some more NE swell setting up middle of next week to keep it going. This would be coming from the same weak Low mentioned above.

Mid-Atlantic through NE. Prayers to our brothers and sisters of the Carolinas. Don’t even want to get started with “Matthew the Storm that Never Was” See yesterdays post on the dangers of Social Media-rology. You guys are getting the ESE side of NIH-KOHL now unclear at the moment what you got coming after as the system becomes heavily waited with SSW flow.

Trying to get back in the groove but to be honest just not feeling it after MATH-YOO
Stay Tuned for the next update.

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