Post Hurricane MATH-YOO October 12th 2016 Hurricane NIH-KOHL

Morning everyone, would first like to start out with our heart felt condolences to all those who were affected by Hurricane MATH-YOO. This is our first public post here on since the passing of the storm. Although like many we made it through unscathed others were not so fortunate. For those who took the time to watch our last video update, I think you can now clearly see why it was so hard to hold back the tears while we were producing it. For us, it was easy to see the likely destruction that MATH-YOO would cause at the time of producing that video.

This is likely to be a lengthy post. In honor of those who continue to suffer and those who will continue to suffer for a very very long time, it is our hope that you will take the time to read this post in its entirety. There are some reading this right now who are saying man, just tell me when the surf is gonna be good. If you are one of those people you might as well stop reading this right now. We will continue with the surf forecast in our next post with Hurricane NIH-KOHL, brief update below.

For those visiting our site for the first time, or are new to following us on our Social Feeds for Real-Time updates, we are a Marine/Surf forecast entity covering storms or weather patterns that either produce high seas, or the potential for large surf around the Atlantic Basin. We are the Official Surf Forecaster to the United States Surfing Federation and the Florida Surfing Association run by legendary Paul West out of Jacksonville Beach. We are followed by the director of the National Hurricane Center Dr Rick Knabb on Twitter. He only follows roughly 1400 people worldwide and we are proud to say we are one.
Last year for the 2015 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season we were followed by Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel for the seasons entirety. He stopped following for reasons unknown at the end of the 2015 season.

Other than donations we receive from time to time (thank you to those who have recently donated) we receive no funding here on our site nor do we have any corporate sponsors. This is one of the reasons the website does not look as professional as it should. This means all of the time we put into keeping you informed in Real-Time on our social feeds, WE DO IT NOT FOR THE MONEY or for the clicks for that matter, but for the importance of the subject at hand.

This leads me to Dr. Knabb, along with many many others including myself, greatest fear.┬áThe rise of Social Media-rology. There are many people on the internet who have an opinion about weather who are hobbyist. Its how I got my start. Nothing wrong with it in fact I as many others encourage it. HOWEVER, during times where life limb and property are at stake is where the line gets drawn. During these times, be it written or the beginning of our video updates we always put the disclaimer, “Please visit the National Hurricane Center at for ALL Official Watches and warnings and to please heed the advice of all emergency management officials.”
When it came down to MATH-YOO we did and evacuated.

This leads me to the public shaming, although a bit unprofessional on our part, of a one William Donaldson. Many of you who follow us on social media know exactly who and what we are talking about. But it wasn’t just him. I actually had friends who said this storm is a bunch of hype. Even Matt Drudge of the famed website The Drudge Report accused NOAA of fabricating the data of the storm that they were providing for political purposes. President Obamas timing of his announcement of the deal on Climate Change played right into the conspiracy. I think we all now have proof NOAA was not exaggerating. And despite what you may think because you survived unscathed MATH-YOO was and still is a CATASTROPHIC Event regardless of whether the eye stayed offshore or made landfall in the Carolinas. At the end of the day, MATH-YOO will likely become one of the costliest storms on record and I suspect his name will be retired from the NHC’s name list.

Below is an example of why the internet and Social Media-rology can be a dangerous thing. This is what I tweeted to Dr. Knabb letting him know his fears remain justified. If one person lost their life because they thought Donaldson was an expert (he promotes himself as such) he would essentially have blood on his hands. The quote “MATTHEW THE STORM THAT NEVER WAS” will stick with me for the rest of my life. I hope it does yours too.

But again it wasn’t just him. This is actually a friend of mine who lives in St Augustine who I care deeply about. Unlike William, this persons attempts were honest. HOWEVER, the same dangers apply to Social Media-rology. And unlike William who survived unscathed, this person who will remain anonymous is devastated. There is a reason why the National Hurricane Center reminds you to not focus on the center of the storm. Now you know why.
Mind you in both examples, MATH-YOO was just coming out of the Bahamas heading NNW and both of these people were in the direct line of fire.
Donaldson goes so far out and gives the all clear. He lives in North Central Florida and looking at the image the storm is just lifting out the Bahamas ready to ride up the coast and the rest is now history.2016-10-11_193540
Folks chances are we are gonna go through this drill one more time before the season is over. The season officially ends November 30th and models are already hinting in the extended period that OTTO will come knocking at the door.

In the coming weeks it is our plan to produce a T-Shirt that says on the front,
“I survived Hurricane MATH-YOO”
On the back of the shirt it will say,
“100% of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Hurricane MATH-YOO.”

It is our hope that those who survived unscathed will by the shirt in mass and will give themselves a shirt that they can feel grateful and thankful while wearing it knowing that the proceeds are going to help someone. If you are a graphic designer, or you know someone who owns a T-Shirt printing business, or you would just like to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We will resume our surf forecast update with the next post on Hurricane NIH-KOHL. NIH-KOHL forecast to lift N then NE next 5 Days. Hurricane Warnings now in effect for the Island of Bermuda. Please visit the National Hurricane Center for ALL Official Watches and Warnings at and please heed the advice of your state local county emergency officials.2016-10-12_065547
Latest NOAA 96hr Wind Wave forecast showing seas increasing excess 40 Feet. Image in meters. NIH-KOHL setting up X-Treme Hazard in the shipping lanes.2016-10-12_070123
Latest NOAA 96hr Swell forecast showing predominant NNE swell propagating through SW Atlantic waters.  Large dangerous swells already affecting the Islands around and including PR. A surfer went missing yesterday in Puerto Rico. No updates as of yet if he has been found.2016-10-12_070420
Stay tuned for the resumed forecast coming up in our next post later today.

Thank you to all of our loyal followers welcome to all new. Please continue to pray for those who were less fortunate then you who lost everything. To those who mocked this storm don’t make the same mistake next time.
Click the image below to read more from Dr. Marshall Shepherd on the rise of Social-Media-rology

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