Update MATH-YOO and NIH-KOHL Oct 6TH 2016

Hey guys heres the latest video. I made a few geographical mistakes and CAT 5 may have come out accidentally so please forgive me.

Additionally please forgive me for my emotions. Although a native Floridian I have never faced the likes of a storm like MATH-YOO. To compound matters after living 15 years 45 minutes from the coast I moved on the coast a year ago. Yay ME.

I will be preparing to evacuate most of the day post on social media will be limited.
BIG BIG THANKS to Bruddah JOE Rukab. Who he say eye kan stay wit him.

We Pray for all of your safety. Thank you to all of our longtime followers for the kind comments left on our social feeds. If internet goes out ALL POST and Updates in Real-Time on twitter @DaDaBuh
Thanks again be safe.

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