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LOTS AND LOTS of uncertainty outside of 72 hours as the EURO flips overnight and sends MATH-YOO out to sea once in the Bahamas. This is last nights run of the EURO +240 10 Days.2016-10-01_044354The GFS is not. THIS IS NOT A FORECAST. This is one run of the model and it will once again change. Both models however are showing a 2 Low type setup but from different solutions. 2016-10-01_082422One of the many players on the board is this area of Low Pressure we pointed out several days ago that moved into the Atlantic behind what was 97L INVEST now MATH-YOO. This is what we thought had a good chance as MATH-YOO’s sister NIH-KOHL. National Hurricane Center now at 20% chance of development next 5 days.2016-10-01_064950This is the cone of uncertainty University Wisconsin-Madison. Much of Florida still in play. You can now see why we said extreme outside chance less than 5% MATH-YOO comes up Eastern Gulf. Especially when models have been trending West.2016-10-01_090753
Earlier this morning and the difference between last nights EURO and GFS2016-10-01_060523
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Will add updates later today to this thread stay tuned. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time updates.2016-10-01_060724

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