Update JOO-LEE-UH Tropical Storm KAR-ULL and Possible LEE-SUH

Morning everyone. Lots to talk about upcoming forecast period. For now its a waiting game on KAR-ULL. After several runs of the EURO showing KAR-ULL as a Major Hurricane and the GFS showing nothing the models have begun coming into agreement. Heres a look at this mornings imagery for peak of hurricane season. Although Sept 10th is the seasonal statistical date for peak of hurricane season, just like trying to get to a a date, you can arrive a little early, or sometimes your running late depending on the flow of the traffic. In addition to KAR-ULL we have remnant JOO-LEE-UH offshore of the SE U.S. Coast and NEWLY tagged 96L INVEST off the West Afrikan Coast as possible LEE-SUH.2016-09-17_060937Latest out of the National Hurricane Center on KAR-ULL showing Hurricane KAR-ULL NNE of PR early on Thursday. Pretty sure you can look at this track and compare to the imagery above and get the picture.2016-09-17_061253Latest Swell Forecast out of NOAA’s OPC showing another shot of ESE 12-13 second periods developing next 96hrs for arrival in 120-144. This swell is a first pulse swell from High Pressure over the top of KAR-ULL and what is now 96L INVEST. Another stronger pulse will be generated on intensification to hurricane once North of PR and West of the 60 line. OPC showing seas increasing EXCESS 25 FEET next 96 as POSSIBLE Major Swell Event coming. To clarify our definition of a Major Swell Event it is a weather system that creates seas in excess of 25 Feet producing swell and or hazardous maritime conditions. Not all who follow our forecast are surfers and just cause it aint breaking in your backyard doesnt mean its not breaking at somebody else’s. Take note of dominant NNW Swell. Key signal Winter Cane Season is about to return to the North Atlantic displaying first fall colors. We will have more on KAR-ULL coming up over the next week so stay tuned. NW Swell with a developing Hurricane NE of PR could lead to SURF ALERT as ocean is already pushing that direction. Florida Surfers dont shoot the messenger but the same front forecast to turn KAR-ULL out to sea may be the same one responsible for return of NE blow. Dont like it anymore than you do lots of time to watch though.2016-09-17_062957Heres 96L Invest2016-09-17_044201
Update on JOO-LEE-UH dat B&%TCH.
EE-AN Swell finally filled in along the U.S. Coast on Friday however compliments of JOO-LEE-UH robbed most of us from OP CHORE WIN. Still some EE-AN swell on the buoys and onshore conditions here in NE Florida. EE-AN swell still showing on Nantucket Buoy ESE 3 FEET 10 Seconds through the Mid-Atlantic. Central Florida South getting a nice combo as swell has now rotated ENE on the near shore Canaveral Buoy. Shorter periods but 4 feet of swell height with light NW winds this morning.2016-09-17_070215
Latest wind forecast on now TD/remnant JOO-LEE-UH. Image is for Sunday 12PM latest GFS wind forecast. EURO shows slight Southerly shift in location more Northerly winds but lighter.
2016-09-17_070756This image is the GFS for Tuesday, Showing KAR-ULL and 96L INVEST as Possible LEE-SUH. If you go back up to the swell image above this is what is creating first pulse KAR-ULL swell with reinforcing 96L with High Pressure stack. THAR SHE BLOWS. Mind you as detailed above the intensification process to Hurricane is Wednesday into Thursday whicj will put another shot of swell in the water.2016-09-17_071626
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Stay Tuned to the forecast.

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