Update HERMEEN Extended Forecast

Heres the latest update on HERMEEN headed for the Mid-Atlantic. The questions over the last several days has been, where does HERMEEN go once out of the Gulf and off the Mid-Atlantic. The new question is can HERMEEN regain tropical characteristics once East of the Mid-Atlantic. The recent differences between the GFS and EURO has been location location location. The GFS in its runs has Post Tropical HERMEEN hugging the coast, the EURO has in its runs keeps it off the coast. The 12Z EURO is out now and it now trends towards the GFS keeping Post HERMEEN close to the coast. Again questions on weather or knot HERMEEN can regain tropical characteristics

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Back on August 17th we posted this image in this website update  http://dabuh.com/2016/08/17/98l-invest-upgrade-to-tropical-storm-fiona-coming/  THATS 15 DAYS AGO

We captioned the image with this

“I wont name the storm or the year or I’ll get accused of Hype but this is what it looks like in track. This pattern repeats itself through the back-end of the season.”

Folks this is the track of Hurricane Sandy. And her brother HER-MEEN is trying to set up off the Mid-Atlantic. Lots of uncertainty ahead.
2016-08-17_084652National Hurricane showing a cold core hurricane for Labor Day East of the Delmar Peninsula. 2016-09-02_144644
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