Major Hurricane GASTON TD#8 and 9


Heres the latest video update. Gulf of Mexico surfers. We will be doing a separate wind and swell forecast for you later this afternoon. East Coast we will be adding still images and updates yo this post. Pay attention to the top of the post for “UPDATES BOTTOM OF THE POST” when revisiting the website.

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24HR NOAA Swell forecast


Start you off with NEWLY tagged 92L INVEST in the East Atlantic. This was referenced at the end of the video update above. If you didn’t watch the video watch it before you go any further. Latest run of the EURO has it clipping NE Caribbean as a small storm at +168. Lots of time to watch over the next several days and is one run. It has obstacles first up SAL. However because it has such a large over all footprint it will help offset the layer, HOPEFULLY2016-08-29_195312Heres a zoomed in look at that. Again there are obstacles.2016-08-29_21125112Z EURO +168 ONE RUN GUYS !!! No need to go any further than this at the moment. Image is for next Monday Labor Day. Hopefully offshore after everybody goes back to work 🙂 This is the system moving out of the Gulf over NE Florida past the Banks. 12Z GFS has it currently as a Coastal Runner with incoming Tropical Storm clipping the NE Caribbean. Again one run GFS shows diffrent. Lots of time to watch.2016-08-29_213037GOMEX FANS I promise I will have a more detailed look for you in the morning first thing. Latest out of the Hurricane Center showing MAX SEAS Tropical Storm 9 12-15 FEET next 48-72 hours.2016-08-29_170736
OBX FANS here you go. NOAA OPC showing Seas increasing 22 FEET next 24 Tropical Storm 8 With offshores coming. Tropical Storm Warnings now in effect. 2016-08-29_214124
Stay tuned as we will likely cut another video again tomorrow.

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