UPDATE on Tropical Storm GASTON Forecast to Become ATLC 3rd Hurricane

Heres is the latest update on Tropical Storm GASTON. GASTON now with 55KT winds and strengthening. Forecast is for GASTON to become a Hurricane possibly a Major. No threat to land at this time but a Major Swell producer The East Atlantic has become quite active over the last week or so and the action doesn’t look to stop as we should have 91L INVEST moving off the Afrikan Coast in about 4-5 days. As pictured, 99L INVEST far Left, Tropical Storm Gaston just West of the Afrikan Coast, with two more tropical waves from the Afrikan Wave Train station preparing for departure. It is the one in the right hand portion of the image that should eventually become 91L INVEST.2016-08-23_071717
GASTON to the Right of me 99 to the Left here I am stuck in the middle with you. 99L Possible HERMINE likley to get stuck in the middle of GASTON Swell arriving on U.S. Shorelines. SEE the most recent update on 99L on the forecast page.2016-08-23_122303Changes in the swell forecast map from our last update on GASTON. Along with cooler temps it is nice to see Fall Colors return to the swell forecast map. 15-18 second Southeast Groundswell developing rotating to E and NE as GASTON comes out of the hole.2016-08-23_123343Seas increasing to 30-35 FEET next 72-96 hours likely excess 40 and qualifies as a DaBuh.com Major Swell Event. Seas in excess of 25 Feet in long period swell. Looking back up at the swell image it is less than 2 day travel time for the swell to arrive at the coast because of the speed it is traveling of.2016-08-23_123655This means swell arrival around the 29th next Monday. If we follow the EURO in this post as with our update this morning on 99L INVEST SEE that post for more detail. This is what Sunday looks like. Again for those who follow this is ONE RUN  but inside of 7 days.2016-08-23_124254
Will leave you there with it due to all the uncertainties with 99L INVEST the Remnants of FIONA and the dying front. SEE Quick Update 99L INVEST for more info.


Stay Tuned for the next update

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