Quick Update 99L INVEST

We are now entering the Real-Time Phase of the possible development of a Tropical Cyclone off the SE U.S. Coast during the upcoming forecast period. We here at DaBuh.com “CAN NOT” tell you exactly what is about to unfold, no one can. Key Phrases “Nothing in Weather Absolute Until it Happens In Real-Time” and “Forecast Subject to Change: The uniqueness of this pattern that is developing makes it hard to predict the eventual outcome of the tropical system we are monitoring designated by the National Hurricane Center as 99L INVEST. In the event a Tropical Cyclone Develops during the upcoming forecast period, please consult the National Hurricane Center at www.hurricane.gov for “ALL Official Watches and Warnings.” If Watches or Warnings are issued for your location, please heed the advice of all local and county management officials.┬áMake NO decisions for you or your family on life limb or property based on anything you see or appears on this website.

Update Effective 11:30 AM August 23rd 2016

Ok, Air-force Reserve Hurricane Hunter Aircraft have begun their recon mission into 99L INVEST. The system is quite remarkably different from 24 hours ago with nice convective flare.
2016-08-23_101242We have begin focusing our observations over Florida where models continue to suggest a Tropical cyclone is coming. This pattern posses a serious threat to Florida and is the first serious threat of the 2016 season. Folks you just witnessed in Baton Rouge it doesn’t take a named system to create pain and financial loss. Set this up for you. One, always watch tail ends of fronts or along stalled or dying fronts for an area of Low pressure to develop during tropical season. What you see near the OBX is sinking towards the SW. Tail end of front in the Bahamas with the remnants of FIONA to the East. FIONA is officially dead by the NHC.2016-08-23_105358The Interaction may play a part over the coming days in reference to 99L INVEST and or setting up extremely dangerous maritime weather. All Mariners with travel plans through this region should rething the travel plans based on the latest marine forecast out of the Tropical Atlantic Forecast Branch. Latest NOAA surface setting it up. Mind you 99L INVEST is still incoming.2016-08-23_114135Giving you a zoomed out view of the region.2016-08-23_092013This next image I’m going to share with you is last nights run of the EURO. It is one run and will change. I by no way no means am suggesting that this is the exact outcome. I present it as a possibility. Image is for next Monday inside of 7 days
00Z EURO +144
2016-08-23_092251I’m gunna repost the first image again so you can see top to bottom. Look at the Bahamas now Look at the EURO above. Coincedence ? Keep in mind while looking at the image the atmosphere is fluid and always in motion. I’m just trying to put 2 and 2 together. In this case maybe 3. 2016-08-23_105358Again ONE RUN of many. More updates to come.

How bout this for a phrase. Sometimes in weather history repeats itself. The last August Hurricane to make landfall in Florida. Hurricane Katrina (2005) Also 99L INVEST. Stay Tuned for the next update. Follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time info.2016-08-23_095014

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