ESE Swell Has Filled In Update on NE Swell Forecast

ESE Swell has now filled in on all buoys as of report time 9:15 EST Tues August 2nd. Grays Reef filling in now at 2-3 FEET 10 seconds and Frying Pan Shoals picking up on it a bit more SSE at 3 FEET 10 seconds. Backing out to the outer buoys South Hatteras SE 4-5 FEET 10 seconds and East Canaveral 4-5 FEET 10 seconds. NONE of the indicator buoys has any swell more than 5 FEET with no new swell source out toward the East Atlantic. A massive Upper Level Low has developed over the last 24 hours that dropped down from the NE Atlantic. It’s finally lifting out and will allow the East to West flow from Afrika to resume. We only have two features heading this way. The remnants of 96L and a Tropical Wave behind it. Models show no development. Energies likely to follow the path of what has now become Tropical Storm EARL.2016-08-02_194917If you are tuning in for information specific to EARL please visit for all official watches and warnings. We are providing updates just on our social feeds.2016-08-02_212720The next swell event is now underway. IT REMAINS UNCLEAR whether or not this NE swell we have been talking about in our forecast updates can make it to Florida waters. NE Flow has developed ESE of New England and is currently a developing GALE.2016-08-02_213357Latest 48 hour NOAA OPC wind wave show seas increasing to 5 meters next 48 hours. 2016-08-02_213917Latest 96 hour swell forecast still showing 12-13 second NE swell. Image is for Saturday. Take note of the SW coming off Florida into the OBX. STRONG SW Southerly flow is forecast to develop along the majority of the Eastern Seaboard. This will impede and work against the NE Swell before it can make it far enough South into Florida waters at least thats the way it looks at the moment.2016-08-02_213808The next thing we will be watching for some possible homegrown. Although about 7 days out. New pattern developing could lead to development along a stalled or dying front coming. 2016-08-02_214701Stay tuned updates will be limited tomorrow on our feeds. Next website update tomorrow afternoon/evening

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