96L And NEWLY Tagged 97L INVEST Central Atlantic


The area we have been discussing in our previous updates laid out in yesterdays video has now become 97L INVEST out in the Central Atlantic. System is not well organized and vorticity spins are scattered. This should change next 24 hours or so as the Northern Extension catches up with Main Wave Axis and comes out of SAL. Thats the lighter shade of Grey upper right hand portion of the image.2016-07-28_173009
Latest out of NOAA OPC showing Low Pressure lifting out of the Carib into the Bahamas off the North Cuban Coast next 96 hours. Keep in mind this is a single image and will change by tomorrow. Latest model trends have been towards the West towards the GOMEX as weak tropical energy vs previous up the FLA Coast. LOTS OF UNCERTAINTY as far as development. Once the system gets closer to 60 and out of the influence of SAL land interaction could become a factor with the high mountainous terrain of the islands. Said it before say it again could go the first week of August with no tropical development. So for the non mariners and non surfers checking in, check back tomorrow for updates our follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time updates.
2016-07-28_180549Latest 72 hour wind wave out of the National Hurricane Center. We talked about this in yesterdays video update. NHC now showing double digit seas building into 10 Feet North of PR. The last ESE swell we called a week ago seas maxed at 8 feet so a little more energy looks like this go around.2016-07-28_181953Latest Swell forecast trending on some 10 second plus ESE Swell. Image is for Monday Select locations could see surf start to increase with bulk of swell filling in on Tuesday. This also can change with changes to what looks to be a weak system.2016-07-28_131304Heres the latest GFS showing 97L as just a area of disturbed weather weak Low Pressure over PR next 48-72 hours. Here’s that nice ESE fetch opening up we talked about yesterday. The 1012 MB Low SW of the Cape Verdes is 96L INVEST. Models really not all that excited about it either. We will be watching to see if this will but an extra pulse of ESE in the water as it moves off towards the W but thats a nice fetch stretching from the East Atlantic if we can get 96L to develop or tighten up a bit good shot at some groundswell as the motion in the ocean already headed this way.2016-07-28_183441
Thats it for now. just wanted to post up a quick update. 97L is just starting to work its way into the bottom right hand portion of the screen.


No real ¬†changes overnight to our forecast. Main Wave Axis becoming better defined. We continue to monitor Northern Extension currently trapped under moderate to strong SAL. Wind Shear also remains ¬†unfavorable for any significant development. The loop above is current. Rule of thumb when watching loops on this site. Refresh if you leave the tab open for updates. ALWAYS verify date and time stamp located in the black bar to ensure current imagery.2016-07-29_050628Latest look at SAL. As you can see tough road ahead. However, once passed the 60 line SAL no longer becomes an issue. Wind shear does. Just because SAL is present doesn’t mean that there’s no spin in the atmosphere. The Northern Extension is heading for a break in SAL. Also if convection begins to increase and the atmosphere moistens SAL becomes the lesser of two evils.¬†2016-07-29_051603
The other is shear. Models continue to show no real development of 96 however this doesnt mean it wont have an effect on marine conditions. No change in that regards to the above call start of this post.2016-07-29_051921
On a side note for those starving up in the Mid-Atlantic through NE a little glimmer of hope. We actually saw this the other day. Mentioned it to a follower on Insta. This is also another sign that the season is progressing with Low Pressure development coming from a frontal boundary. Image is for Wednesday. Not sure how much NE swell will be generated. For Florida Boys here comes possible Surf Alert. NE mixing with ESE from the other invest 96L. If it doesn’t happen don’t shoot the messenger.
2016-07-29_040516Notice the time stamp in the above image. Whoa Oh, AMBER is the color of your energy.

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