Buoy Update ESE Swell Now Showing on Indicator Buoys

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Tell’Em you heard it from DaBuh.2016-07-19_151328
Main wave energy from area we have been detailing in our updates passing through South Bermuda Buoy today and is just beginning to fill in on NE Bahamas through East Canaveral this afternoon. As of report time (3:30) South Bermuda Buoy up 3 feet last 24 in swell height now at 6 feet with significant wave height of 7 feet.
Next buoy in line NE Bahamas Buoy also showing positive trend this afternoon coming up 2 feet in swell height since around 5 AM this morning now at 4 Feet swell height with significant wave height bumping up to 6 Feet for the first time.
Next buoy in line East Canaveral with what looks to be leading edge filling in. Buoy up a foot in swell height since this time yesterday now at 3 3 1/2 Feet out of the ESE. 2016-07-19_153011
The other buoy we are keeping an eye on is the Paul West Bermuda Buoy now showing 3 Feet of swell height with slight uptick last several hours. Heres the area we have been tracking last several days. This was North of PR yesterday. Although models show no development this type of pattern is known to increase chance of homegrown development. Not saying something will develop. If you haven’t read our last two updates prior to this one you should if you want to learn as we are likely to see this exact same pattern setup again in about 10 days or so. So yes should equal more waves coming. Sometimes these little tropical energies can enhance wind flow through convective activity like we saw on ┬áthe PR Bouy yetserday with gust out of the ENE at 40Kts for a brief period. Sometimes if sustained can put a positive charge in the water models cant or didn’t see. Why we watch you follow.2016-07-19_153350Hopefully we get the exact same setup to get the ocean flowing just like it is now with building swell THEN get a Tropical Low to develop and increase SE Groundswell in the wake. Although a long ways out latest GFS conntinues to hint at a possible TD out in the Central Atlantic in the extended forecast. Thing about the same set up now with the ocean pushing this way then a feature like this lifting N of PR increasing SE Groundswell. We are getting close to the first of August and by statistical standards the start of Hurricane Season although the season OFFICIALY starts June 1st.2016-07-19_045724Latest run of the EURO also hinting at repeat performance coming. Image at +240 (10 Days) Northern Extension Tropical Wave lifting North of PR just like we are just watching now.
2016-07-19_150140Again if you get a chance put these last 3 post together to give you a clearer picture but here’s the example again going back to the referenced “Fork in the Road” used in previous updates.
Stay Tuned for the next update.

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