Opening Day 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

Today June 1st, marks the official opening of the 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season although the 2016 season has already had two named systems, ALEX in January, and Bonnie last week. With these two named systems in the books before the official start date of June 1st, this marks the 5th time in the written hurricane record two have two storms develop before the official June 1st start date. Those years are 2016, 2012, 1951, 1908 and 1887. We are also 4 for 7 over the last 7 years for early seasonal development (Month of June) or systems developing prior to the official start. 2016 is starting off to do both as this afternoon the National Hurricane Center is now on the board with a 20% chance of tropical development next 5 days over in the GOMEX. Lots of time to watch. Current model trends are for movement to the ENE into Central Florida mainly as a wind and rain event. The other trend is to quickly blow it out into the Atlantic. Negative of that is some left over energy looks to linger and it is possible to see multiple Lows over the course of 7-10 days. We will start stepping up the forecast as we head into the weekend. As of right now we are not concerned from a weather factor. Surfers possible Fun Surf Alert setting up select locations Pan Handle Beaches and West Florida Coast. Stay tuned to for more details on this eventual system. Next name on the list COLIN.
Switch you back to Real-Time. Swell from the first storm SE of Nova Scotia 2-3 days ago now showing on the South Bermuda Buoy 5-6 Feet 14 seconds. This is heading for PR and a fun size bump looks to be on the way. 2016-06-01_211855


The second storm we’ve been detailing in our previous update will begin to develop in the next 48-72 hours. This will put another shot of swell in the water. The two smaller weak 1014 Lows East of the Mid-Atlantic is whats pulling up N, East of the Bahamas and the remnants of BONNIE East of the OBX. 2016-06-01_212723
Latest NOAA 96 hour swell forecast showing Majority of Swell heading for the East Atlantic. Could be another shot for the Islands.2016-06-01_213647For East Coast surfers all hopes are basically dashed from the hope of last weeks call for some possible NE Groundswell as moderate to strong SW to West flow looks to develop off the U.S. East Coast. This is SW winds blowing into NE Swell and it’s a swell killer. Right now if you have a long board you better ride it over the weekend because at the moment, it looks like small for all is about to set in. Image is for Tuesday with Low pressure moving up out of the Yuke Channel into the Central Gulf of Mexico.2016-06-01_215323
Stay tuned for the next update.

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