Second NATLC Storm Now Forecast next 96

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Cautionary Statement
Synoptic pattern setting up to increase chances of tropical activity coming out of the SW Carib and or Gulf of Mexico as early as this coming weekend setting up possible season first heavy tropical rains. Lots of uncertainty at the moment but all the players are already on the board.

Previous Storm we have been detailing in our up dates SE of Newfoundland now in the books. Seas have reached maximum at 30 FEET earlier today and are now down to 27 as of report time. Initial swell energy released. Next in the forecast next 96 hours is a NEW Storm developing in almost the exact location as current. I dont think I have ever seen two storms near the exact same location in the NATLC in a 96 hour period at the end of May. Definitely out of season and rare both producing seas of at least 25 FEET in a 96 hour period.2016-05-30_203353This is going to put another shot of swell in the water behind this first one. Looking at the image though looks like this one will have more WNW swell. Pretty much putting the seal on a East Atlantic Swell Event. Current MAX Seas forecast for this second storm developing excess 25 FEET. Thats alot of water being thrown around in a 96 hour period. I'm hoping some of it gets thrown our way And to be honest I'm a bit perplexed on that one at the moment as none of the marine forecast for the AMZ Zones are currently showing any significant increase in seas. 
2016-05-30_201932Heres the latest 96 Hour Swell forecast. We will go into a buoy watch probably tomorrow night on the indicator buoys and watch for any increasing trends. From here the forecast gets negative at least for this post.
Remnants of BONNIE are forecast to move over the OBX and out into the Atlantic. Models earlier where showing some ENE 35Kt winds developing but have since backed off. As always one run of many so it looks like we may have jumped the gun on the POSSIBLE Surf Alert for Mid-Atlantic. In addition the EURO took a huge dump this afternoon and has jumped to very strong SW to Westerly flow developing off the U.S. East Coast in the extended This would lead to an extended period of possible small for all. Sorry to say, but again one run of many so lets hope it switches back. With that said get what ever you can get. Image is for Thursday. Remnants of BONNIE on the OBX. High pressure over Nova Scotia is going to get some Easterly flow going into the Mid-Atlantic through New England. Hopefully this will give you guys another push of ocean your way.2016-05-30_215356
We are gonna leave it right here for the moment and see what the models do next few runs but wanted to at least give you some type of update. The rest of this EURO run only gets uglier anyway.
Heres todays Hi-RES of  Storm SE of Newfoundland. PR is at the corner bottom left.2016-05-30_220732Stay Tuned sorry for the downer post.

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