Azores Low

Your claim is that on May 20th at your surf break you recieved a NE uptick in surf from a area of Low Pressure in the far distant North Atlantic that developed days before May 20th. When asked what was the location of said Low you said the AZORES.

On May 9th a Large Low West of Portugal near the Azores developed a long period groundswell. Check the date bottom left.2016-05-22_215431Archived NOAA Swell model maps show that the Long Period NE Groundswell was working its way through the SW Atlantic on May 13th. So that AZORES Low on May 9th plus 4 day travel time for swell from that location puts it in the SW Atlantic on the 13th.2016-05-22_220159The Swell continued on the 14th and pushed further South into the Bahams.2016-05-22_220543May 14th is the day you posted this. You picked up the passing swell from the AZORES Low but you thought it might have been a hiccup when in fact what you saw on the East Canaveral Buoy this day came from the AZORES Low.
Forecast for May 15th NOAA Swell model forecast showed still NE Swell from this Low still pushing into the Bahamas but fading.2016-05-22_221215Then on the 16th a West Swell developed driving all the way over to the East Atlantic putting an end to ANY SWELL from previous AZORES Low. ESE Trade wind swell though into the SE U.S.2016-05-22_221810On the 18th Still Westerly Swell for the North Atlantic NO SIGN of NE Swell. None NADA
SE windswell still for SE U.S. with Southerly heading up the coast.2016-05-22_222044On the 19th a new Low developed off the Outer Banks and Mid-Atlantic that you said my only problem was that the Low was in the Mid Levels. This is what the winds looked like and the Buoys had NE winds 20-25Kts for 24-48 hours. 2016-05-22_223039Heres what the NOAA Swell model was for the 19th. Again West Swell Middle of the Atlantic NO NE SWELL from AZORES. But notice how just East of the Outer Banks pointing out of the NE.2016-05-22_223109Then on the 20th Again West Swell East Atlantic. Thats 4 Days of West Swell NO SWELL from Azores. Oh but look more arrows pointing out of the NE South of the Shadow of the OBX along with a ESE trade bump that gave you the bump you recieved on the 20th.2016-05-22_223510
The NE uptick you recieved on May 20th came from an area of Low Pressure that moved off the OBX on May 18th and 19th Not from the AZORES Low that developed on May 9th 10 Days earlier. I hope this clears up any confusion you may of had.

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