Small for All Continues Latest on Developing Gale OBX

Here's the latest update. GALE Developing off the OBX next 24 hours. There was some hope that the Low producing the GALE would be over open water ESE of the OBX. It now appears that Low will be just inland of the coast or along the coast of the Mid-Atlc next 24-72 hours.
As a result this will develop more of a WSW wind flow bottom half of Low over the waters and a Southerly wind flow in the Atlantic ahead of the front and High Pressure keeping most everyone in small for all conditions. Image is for Saturday.2016-05-04_071514
Seas increasing 15-18 Feet next 48 to 72 in Southerly Swell behind 40Kt winds aimed at Nova Scotia. Image in meters. There is a little window of Northerly winds 30-35Kts that could offer up some windswell for Mid-Atlantic States.2016-05-04_075957
Out in the Atlantic we continue to monitor a low pressure trough out across the Islands into the Central Atlantic.2016-05-04_073041The front moving off the SE U.S. Coast is forecast to move out towards the Dominican Republic and PR next several days before retrograding back towards the West at the same time becoming diffuse around middle of next week. Although models currently show no development, Rule of thumb during tropical season is always watch tail ends of fronts or along stalled or dying fronts for an area of Low pressure to develop. This is the only little feature we see at the moment that could provide another Small bump next week in enhanced ESE trade wind swell. Image is for Sunday2016-05-04_074502We continue to see tropical signals in the latest sattelite imagery. Here's this mornings look at the ITCZ. Although still suppressed in latitude models showing increasing amounts of moisture returning to the ITCZ as we head towards the middle of May. 2016-05-04_074840Thats it for now. Pray for Surf and stay tuned for the next update. We are still holding onto the idea of a Tropical System in the Atlantic before the official start date of June 1st, now at T-Minus 27 days and counting.

Stay Tuned 

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