Buoy Update Latest On Low Central Atlantic

Indicator buoys have responded nicely in the overnight hours in reference to Low that setup East of the OBX last couple of days. Latest visible satellite imagery showing a well defined Low developing out in the Central Atlantic. Low previously East of OBX looks to open up today and get absorbed into the main feature COR (Center of Rotatation)2016-04-25_091507 Latest forecast position has it headed towards the cusp of lighter wind shear. Tropical Development not anticipated again just an interesting observation based on this is the same general location where Tropical Cyclone ALEX was back in January. Does not look to be a swell producer at this time however nothing in weather is guaranteed until it happens in Real-Time.
As advertised in our previous updates South Hatteras Buoy showing 10 second periods this morning. Swell height has increased from 1 Foot WSW swell yesterday at 10:00AM to 7-8 Feet in NNE Swell 10 seconds this morning. The good news in looking at the data the winds are 5Kts and wind wave height only a foot equating to glassy rollers in the ocean
Paul West Bermuda also showing positive trends. Swell height has increased up from 5 Feet last night to 8 Feet this morning although a tad shorter period. Winds North 15-20Kts still providing a swell push towards PR and the Islands.
I am pushed for time this morning. Will have an afternoon update later today after the afternoon model runs come out. Stay tuned. Very tempted to call for POSSIBLE Fun Surf Alert for select locations East Florida Coast but the swell is just starting in on East Canaveral this morning showing 3 Feet out of the NNE at 10 seconds. Like last week it might have a tinge too much North. Weight and Sea.
Stay Tuned for the afternoon report.

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