LOW East of OBX Surface Feature N Side PR

Here's the latest update on the two areas we are currently monitoring. Low Pressure East of the OBX is moving off towards the East and a dip SE is forecast and looks to become absorbed into the surface trough/feature N Side of Islands.
Max Seas this afternoon around 4PM Report time showing 15 Feet in NNE Swell.
Swell on the indicator buoys just switching over. Sorry for the delay in the report but we were waiting for the turn before we post. Paul West Bermuda now with NNW Winds 25-30Kts Beginning phase of swell reversal looks to have started around 9:00 AM Now showing 1 Foot NNE 11 Seconds. Will be monitoring trends for PR and Islands on possible bump coming.

The South Hatteras Buoy North winds 15-20Kts 4 Feet out of the North.2016-04-24_155217
Latest Swell Forecast out of the TAFB showing some 8-10 second NE Periods working next 48-72. Need another 24 hours of Buoy data to see if it has any size. Will post buoy info update again tomorrow.
Latest Wind Wave forecast next 24
Current Wind field as of the 4:00 PM report time.
Not much else in the forecast. Said it before say it again after this little bump that may me coming around Tuesday, select locations looks to stay small for a while unless we get a surprise. Check back tomorrow for another look at the buoy update. Stay Tuned


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