Low Pressure Exiting SE Coast Surface Feature Eastern Tip of Cuba

As mentioned a few days ago in our social feeds "forecast getting interesting" we have been holding off on a forecast update until we got there so here it is. Low Pressure exiting the SE U.S. Coast. This is moving up to East of the OBX next 18-24 Hours. Could provide fun size bump select locations as High Pressure builds in from behind putting a quick shot of Northerly Swell in the water that will likely be short lived. Don't shoot the messenger if it doesn't happen at your house.2016-04-23_123342
Latest out of the OPC showing 12-15 Foot seas developing next 48 hours or so image in meters.
2016-04-23_124122Afternoon run of the GFS is out.Still waiting for EURO which is showing a bit stronger punch in the overnight model run. GFS showing decent NNE Fetch as Low moves away. Negative is how fast it's moving away hence the short lived. The 991 L has been out there for days currently sending NW and Westerly Swell towards West Afrika and the AZORES.
2016-04-23_124754Latest NOAA 48HR Swell forecast Check out the Southern Hemi long periods in Southerly Swell pushing up the coast.2016-04-23_125159Over on the flip side, the little Northerly Punch Swell will likely show up Monday into Tuesday.
Latest NOAA 96HR Swell Forecast showing 8-10 second NE Swell developing. We will go into a buoy watch tomorrow in hunt of it so stay tuned in for that.2016-04-23_125536
The next feature we are monitoring is a weak surface feature out towards Eastern Cuba. This is going to lift out next 24 hours or so.2016-04-23_122435GFS is weak with it 12Z for Tuesday.2016-04-23_121805The EURO is not. Keep in mind the afternoon run not out yet so this from last night. But as advertised in our updates the switch to Tropical Season has been flipped to on. Please refer to previous website post for our thoughts on the start of the 2016 Season now inside of 40 days of the June 1st Official start date. Fixing to find out weather or knot the switch to La Nina, slowly occuring now, and 13 months in a row of hottest on record will give us a shotgun start to the 2016 season.
2016-04-23_075559Thats it for now will likely be stepping up on post on our Social Media feeds. Follow @DaDaBuh on Twitter DaBuhsurf on the Gram and find us on Facebook by searching DaBuh

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