Buoy Obs and Latest on New NATLC Storm

Quick Look at the buoys this morning. Looks like all the High Pressure winds has tamped down the swell out in the Atlantic this morning. Still positive numbers across the board. Start you off with the PR Buoy showing positive trend up 3 feet from yesterday 5PM now 8 feet at 15 seconds. Will keep an eye on this to see if it bust 10. Swell rotating to NNW from previous NE Swell from Uk Portugal Low. This is the same system that ultimately played a large roll in developing the current pattern we are in. Moving North both the South Bermuda and Paul West Bermuda Buoys not holding a whole lot of swell guys. Paul West about 10 Feet at 12 seconds and South Bermuda only coming in at 7. So for PR and Islands surfers whats on the buoys now is what you get next several days with what appears to be a reinforcing shot with NEW NATLC Storm developing over the next couple of days. More on that below.

Moving over to East CANAV checking in now at 14 Feet 15 seconds as of report time (10:30 AM). Has a more Northerly component to it so alot of this swell could be sweeping pass Florida headed for the Bahamas. Nearshore CANAV 5 Feet 12 seconds. Moving North. For those who are unaware, the condition of the National Data Buoy system is in bad shape. We've lost St Auggie to funding a few years ago, Grays Reef offline for non transmission and the newly placed East Hatteras Buoy is now a drift and these are yet a few of the non working buoys in the system. Hats off to the men and women who do their best to maintain the system but the system is broken. In the swell window for East Florida the only Indicator Buoy for this swell is the South Hatteras buoy now 10-12 Feet 14 seconds in NNE Swell. Again with more of a Northerly component to it so draw a line into East Canaveral.

Current look at GALE out near Bermuda. This will move off towards the NNE at the same time NEW Wave Energy clips in from the Great Lakes Region down into the MID-ATLC for NEW Storm Development. 2016-04-18_105307Current MAX SEAS 16 Feet in the NW Quad. Interstingly showing 16 Feet East of Central Florida with current East CANAV Buoy info above.2016-04-18_111504Energy for NEW Storm heading for MID-ATLC.2016-04-18_065440
Latest run of the EURO over the next 3-5 Days. One run of many to come but trending negative on large scale swell impact. Image for Thursday showing moderate to strong Northerly Flow.2016-04-18_112025Friday the negative at least for this side of the pond as system switches to WNW Flow on the Southern semi circle with swell producing winds for West Atlantic over land Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.2016-04-18_112106Saturday becoming a weakening system with more WNW swell component heading towards Western Afrika that should make the boys at Surf Camp NGOR happy.2016-04-18_112142As a reflection of the above latest 96HR NOAA Swell forecast ONLY showing 8-10 second periods developing. Seas forecast to increase to excess 25 Feet but looking like there WON'T be a lot of punch behind it due to majority of swell producing winds being over land. Again just one run. 2016-04-18_113057

Best day for favorable winds for the majority is tomorrow. Image for 2 PM. North winds across Long Island.NW winds across the MID-ATLC down through the OBX and unfortunately onshore flow continues into South Florida.
2016-04-18_114214Thats it for now for the forever changing forecast. One run of many. As advertised a few days ago. Whatever you can get now get it as forecast begins to trend negative as it appears we are approaching climax for this last Atlantic Swell Event and Small for All may be just around the corner.


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