Double Major Swell Event ?

Here's the latest on the storm of the Mid-Atlc. In yesterdays post we talked about a possible Double Major setting Up. Overnight run of the EURO does exactly that Mid-Week coming. More on that below.

This update effective around 11:00 AM
Heres this mornings satellite imagery of the storm East of the Mid-Atlantic. Forecast continues for system to slowly drop South then meander for a day or so before lifting NNE out of the region. Latest model runs show a secondary area of Low Pressure moving into the Mid-Atlc Tuesday into Wednesday setting up the Possible Double Major.
2016-04-16_103409Current Max Seas now at 25 Feet confirming Major Swell Event status. Seas likely to increase a skosh next 12 hours before system weakens to GALE and seas begin to slowly subside.
Latest 72 hour surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center showing due North fetch behind departing Low aimed at the islands.2016-04-16_101819Latest 72 hour wind wave showing corridor 10-13 foot seas in NNE Swell.2016-04-16_102053Heres what it looks like in the NOAA Swell model. Check your local wind forecast as this may have changed up a bit for your region. Winds look to begin to lighten up late tomorrow along the Eastern Seaboard with an offshore component setting up for Mid-Atlantic breaks behind the Secondary Low previously mentioned forecast to enter the picture on Tuesday.2016-04-16_102257
Already seeing the setup in the 96 hour swell model. The Yellow and Green is the tail end of current swell being generated. NEW Low coming cranks the machine back up again.2016-04-16_111507Latest wind forecast for Wednesday 4-20 showing another Storm developing.2016-04-16_111820Last nights run of the EURO trying to go deep at 977MB with seas likely in excess of 25 Feet. Image for next Thursday. 2016-04-16_091442
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