Latest on Storm Developing South of Nova Scotia

Here we go now inside of 24 hours on developing storm South of Nova Scotia setting up a Major Swell Event. We are now in the Real-Time phase of the cyclonic loop forecast and system will begin to drop South over the next 24 hours or so and set up North of the 30 Line.
2016-04-15_111018Max Seas now forecast excess 25 Feet next 24 qualifying for Major Swell Event status.
2016-04-15_095934As of 12 o'clock this afternoon there is already an underlying longer period NE ground swell in the water from previous UK Storm of several days ago that we detailed in our forecast Buoy data as of  this morning from West to East,
(Frying Pan Shoals showing 3 foot 10 second)  (South Hatteras 5 Feet 10 Seconds) (Paul West Bermuda 5 Feet 10 Seconds) (South Bermuda 4 Feet 15 Seconds) and (St Martins Buoy 5 Feet 15 Second),  so plenty of energy heading this way. Latest 24 hour NOAA OPC Swell forecast showing NEW 10 Second plus periods developing along the Mid Atlantic. What you see North of PR in the darker shading id from previous UK Storm.2016-04-15_114546This Storm/Gale is gonna be with us a while until around mid week of next. Image is for Monday. GFS shows a weakening system however remaining nearly stationary until Wednesday when it begins to move it out. 2016-04-15_114940Image below for Wednesday showing a strengthening system lifting North towards Newfoundland. This will put another strong pulse of Northerly Swell in the water. Unclear at the moment but could see seas increase back to excess 25 Feet setting up a possible Double Major.2016-04-15_115320
Were gonna hold right here until the afternoon model runs comes out. We will update this post later this afternoon. We said yesterday that it looked like a period of small for all was going to set in after this event. We may have jumped the gun on that. Stay Tuned for the update.

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