Storm Developing Near UK and Portugal Reaching Maturity

Here's the latest update on the storm developing out near the UK and Portugal. This update effective around 1PM.
Seas have now reached 9 meters or excess 30 feet and is on it's way to maturity.
This is the latest NOAA OPC 96HR Surface forecast. It's stale waiting for new guidance to come out. For now showing weakening storm to Gale however there is an outside chance that this could become better organized as the Lows pinwheel and interact with themselves.2016-04-11_124807
Last nights run of the EURO at plus 6 Days. What you see off the SE Coast is what models show coming this way across the U.S. next several days. The Low out near the UK and Portugal could become a blocking mechanism allowing short pressure waves to pile up off the coast.
2016-04-11_125612 We are waiting to analyze this afternoons model runs. 12Z GFS coming out now EURO in a few hours. Will add a video update to this post after. Latest Swell forecast showing PR and Islands on the cusp of some leading edge 13-14 second NE Swell periods as the majority of North Atlantic switches to period of predominant NE Swell. We will begin monitoring South Bermuda and St Martins Buoys to see if we can pick up any trends next 48 hours or so along with any signs of reorganization. 2016-04-11_130221
This was this mornings enhanced visible. You can see the shear size of the overall footprint of the UK Portugal Low and the idea of a block for whats moving across the Southern Tier of the U.S.
Although nearly 10 days out 06Z GFS showing a continued winter like pattern continues.
One run of many more exciting runs to come.2016-04-11_095539Stay tuned for the video update later this afternoon.

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