Heres the latest update on the storm developing between the UK and Portugal detailed in our updates. As advertised models continue to show a long period event. This is the EURO at Plus 8 Days. Again when you start to get into the 7 day conficdence grows as you can visibly verify in the sattelite imagery so there are some questions for the extended. But looking at the image below the storm is developing now will weaken. EURO now vs previous shows a further dip SW  just under the AZORES. So mind you NE groundswell is being generated with storm developing now and then this through day 8. Then take note in the pocket over on the East Coast thats where the questions come in the extended.2016-04-08_062708
Here's the latest 96hr Swell forecast. Look back up for the AZORE Low and put it over the AZORES in the Swell image. In 96 Hours there's gonna be NE Ground Swell. 4 Days after that the EURO Says theres gonna be more. Lot of consecutive days with NE Groundswell.2016-04-08_071153
Here this mornings water vape and a thought about the extended. Lots of energy moving with the Jet from the pacific across the U.S. Likely to see this pattern again soon with next front that could put an L off the SE Coast. Too soon to see it just yet.2016-04-08_061504
But as you can see there is a large scale pattern already in place so lots of players on the board.
Stay tuned for the next update
Heres the video update posted 2 days ago.

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