POSSIBLE Major Swell Event PR and the Islands

Ok guys here's a look at the extended forecast. I can already hear some of you. Here he goes hyping again. I'll just remind you of an old Ancient Rainbow Warrior saying,
"Neba Tink Sum Ting Knot Possible….. 
Wheat-Out Firs Luke-ing at Da Posse-Billy-T"
I can only show you Watt Eye Sea. And from the movie Cool Runnings and the character Jr Blevins,
I see pride…. I see power…. I see a bad ass Mutta, who won't take any crap off of nobody.

So here it is. This essentially is a follow up to our previous post Atlantic Entering Extreme Phase ? Image below from earlier this morning showing Clipper that moved off the Mid-Atlantic this morning and the next Clipper inbound. It is the Clipper inbound setting up an EXTREME Southerly Suck-Up this weekend into the NE U.S. over to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. You can visit our previous post on that for more detail. For the extended period we are focusing in on the Clipper that moved offshore this morning.
Models show this Clipper slingshotting up to the tip of Greenland next 96 hours or so then morphing into a new Low that dips back SE towards the UK and Portugal. Getting confirmation in this portion of the forecast out of NOAA OPC 96 hour surface forecast. Models show this dipping SW more over open water with increasing NNE Swell heights.2016-04-05_144916
Swith you to latest wind forecast. Image for Thursday of next week. Mind you long ways out still but models are trying to light the Atlantic up and this is but one of several scenarios of possible larger surf coming over the next week or so for just about everybody at different time frames. Now look at the bottom. Low trying to develop NNE of PR
Then here's Friday (10 Days)
It's been along time since we've done a youtube update. Here it is. Please excuse a couple of direction errors in my commentary.

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