Here's the latest forecast update. Appears Atlantic headed for a POSSIBLE Extreme Phase upcoming forecast period starting off with Hurricane Force Low with 1st of what appears to be a total of 3 Clippers coming. The 1st one due to kick off the Mid-Atlantic next 24-48 hours. Here's this mornings image posted on our social feeds. Hurricane Force Low producing seas in excess 40 feet in WNW WSW Swell. See yesterdays post for more info on this MAJOR SWELL Event.2016-04-04_091801The next system entering the Atlantic is the clipper in the above image. This will transistion offshore over the next 24-48 hours with High Pressure building in behind. Here's this afternoons run of the GFS for Tuesday with the Low SE of the Cape. Notice the 964 up towards the Tip of G-Land and the roundness. Intial model runs when we were first making the call on the clipper was showing roundness now you can see it's elongated. Need roundness for good groundswell. Now it appears to be more windswell than groundswell. Either way larger surf coming behind increasing NE winds and fetch.
2016-04-04_133344Then on Wednesday NE fetch widens setting up fanning swell aimed at PR and the Islands. Notice the Big High in the East Atlantic. This is also putting Easterly Trade Wind swell in the water.2016-04-04_133505After Wednesday it appears that an Extreme Southerly Suckup is going to setup with a 3 Pronged attack in front of the next clipper moving up into Canada then back down into the U.S.
The kicker will be a pniched gradient NE of PR. This pinch coming from Low Pressure trying to develop tail end of front. Remember that as the extended showing POSSIBLE seasons first Tropical Wave moving off AFRIKA. Image below for Friday.2016-04-04_124453Latest Marine forecast for Cape Cod out to Gerges Bank. Thursday Night South Winds 35-45Kts Seas increasing 18-25 Feet holding through Friday. 2016-04-04_124658
Here's the latest NOAA Swell and Wind Wave Forecast Maps. Tuesday into Wednesday showing some 8-10 second NE Windswell working its way down past the OBX.2016-04-04_144110Latest 48 Hour Wind Wave showing 10-12 foot seas developing just North of 30. This is a decent Northerly Surge and a POSSIBLE Surf Alert could setup for stand out locations Florida East Coast. 2016-04-04_144509But then look what happens Thursday into Friday Swell Direction change to Southerly from the Mid-Atlantic as the 3rd Clipper come in. This one does not appear to make it into the Atlantic instead getting shunted North. NE Swell trying to work it's way to the Islands and combining with underlying Easterly Trades.2016-04-04_144749Thats it for now trying to keep the forecast window short at the moment. Extended forecast showing some very very promising things at the moment. Just to give you the idea on the Hurricane Force Low MAJOR SWELL EVENT and whats setting up over on the Eastside. Magic Sea Weed for Monday 04/10 Nazare Portugal2016-04-04_145514Stay tuned will go into a Buoy watch later tomorrow and will be updating on this first clipper.

Heres a look at AFRIKA mentioned above now inside of 60 days for the Official Start of the 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. Just cause the calendar says June 1st doesn't mean we can't have one sooner. In the written Hurricane Record every month of the calendar year in the Atlantic has had a least one named system.

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