That forecast is for fools

Here's the latest forecast update.
Ancient Rainbow Warrior saying, "Eye am Pee-ling It".
"Peeling" CAN AV….As in Canaveral, has several different meanings.
Feeling, like on your body or in your mind "My skin…… es Peeling" or Eye am peeling really HIGH (High Pressure)
or, Peeling, like dis guy is ba-nan-ass. "He's Peeling"….don't say knot-ting to him, you might hurt he's pee-ling πŸ™‚
or our favorite type of Pee-ling, as in, Down……… Da………….. Line
​Re-memba dare es always A Met-toad (short for Meteorologist)  to Da Madness.
Kiss da toad and he turns into Da Prince LOL.

Posted a few days ago "I don't know what to tell you guys, but I'm feeling it" As I stepped out the door this morning, eye could feel it on my skin. The "Winds of Change" are blowing. And in the words sung by Harry Belafonte, everyone should have plenty of opportunity to Peel it too over the next week and  "Jump in Da Line, Rock Your Body in Time". 
Extended period of ride-able surf coming with POSSIBLE Large Swell Event setting up for PR and the Islands in the extended forecast.

Start you off with the near term and last nights run of the GFS. Gonna keep the forecast window down to the next 5 days as confidence in models outside of that is Low at the moment. Speaking of which, we are now in the Real-Time phase of the early forecast calls made last week where models were showing an area of Low pressure moving out of the Bay of C (BOC) across the Central GOMEX (Gulf of Mexico) across Fla and out towards the Bahamas. Thats it in the image below down by the YUKE. Image for Monday. Whats moving across the North Central U.S. now along with the first of two clippers coming is the BOMB Developing you see in the image below showing a RARE, for this time of year, POSSIBLE 950MB BOMB moving up towards Greenland. 970MB is around the norm for a NATLC Winter Storm in Winter. This is spring. The Clipper in this image is the second mentioned above that will likely be the catalyst for a Large Swell Event for PR and Islands. The other thing we want you to take note of, is the 1032MB MEGA Blocking High SE of the Azores. It's there now and this image is for 72 hours out. So thats 3 days of ESE Trade winds from Afrika. Remember there was already 9-10 second Easterly Swell from Easter passing over PR which was partial energy for yesterdays surf combined with the Northerly Surge that set up off the OBX two days ago so the waters from the East Atlantic continue to blow this way.

Then on Tuesday 1032 still in place we are now day 4 of 1032 with second clipper entering the Atlantic Arena. Think of the 1032 as being a car tire and it's spinning clockwise on the oceans surface. The previous BOC Low now filtering from the YUKE across the FL Straights into the Bahamas. Take note of the 1028 moving into the Great Lakes. Thats going to increase the gradient as the Clipper moves offshore.2016-04-01_082213
Then going into Wednesday Clipper moving out past New England Strong NNE Flow developing as gradient tightens from Newfoundland around Nova Scotia and down past the OBX. BOC Low has now moved up under Bermuda. We will continue to monitor it over the next several days. Remember as fast as the models dropped it is a fast as they can jump back on it again. Could ultimately end up adding to the mix. Again notice 1032 still out there but with a twist. Double Bubble Developing with NEW 1028
Knot sure if I need to explain anything to you in this one. 
Or this one but I will. Thats around 700 Miles wide of Northerly Fetch coming off the Backside of Newfoundland down into Bermuda of Northerly winds 35-40Kts. About the same of NE winds bending to East at 10-15kts from Double Bubble and don't forget the 1st Bubble has been out there for days. The only negative at the moment is the 1030 setting up over the OBX. This means onshore for Central to South Florida. But the next front will change all that but thats outside of todays forecast window so we will wait on that call.
And so heres the Look at the Big Picture for next week.
Stay Tuned for the next update.
Prayers for all those in the path of storms next 24-48 hours.

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