Here's the latest wind and swell forecast update for the near term as of 11AM. High pressure now building in behind the front decent E-NE winds have developed across the Buoys. 
East Hatteras NNE 15-20Kts
South Hatteras East 20-25Kts
Frying Pan Shoals East 15-20Kts
Grays Reef NE 15-20Kts
East Canaveral NE 10-15Kts
Latest OPC 48HR Swell Map showing High Pressure shifting out into the East Atlantic next 24-72 Hours. With SE Return flow setting up for GOMEX and ESE  for the SE Coast and Southerly Return Flow Mid-Atlantic through NE States. For East Coasters there already is a pre existing ESE 9-10 second swell aqround 4 foot coming out of the East Atlantic North of PR so the water already moving this way. This combined with High shifting East off the Mid-Atlantic out over Bermuda and the associated winds this will allow seas to increase rather quickly.
WIde area of seas building in ESE trade swell next 48-72 hours out in the East Atlantic pushing up from behind.2016-03-29_140942

Latest wind forecast through tonight Strong SE return flow Western GOMEX East Winds off the SE Coast. For Island followers there was some hope for you off the last storm the moved off the NE U.S. Coast you can see the NW Flow moving through Bermuda but looks like the High Shifts quickly and the ESE trades drown your NW Swell.
Then tomorrow here comes the Southerly flow for everybody. POSSIBLE FUN SURF ALERTS setting up Florida Pan Handle beaches select locations from the Mid Atlantic through NE States.
Then Friday little deeper Southerly Flow. will be monitoring for Low Pressure moving into the BOC (Bay of Campeche) See todays other post for more info. Pan Handlers look closely as winds turning offshore over Lousianna and moving your way. Friday PM looks good at the moment however timing remains suspect.
Fla East Coasters notice the SW wind Central Florida through NE Florida. Your shot at Possible Fun Surf Alert.2016-03-30_095059
By Saturday winds offshore for everyone.
Little more detail for the Pan Handle. Right now current forecast for highest seas are only 5-8 feet. Based on what we are seein in now we think this may be unerdone and Double D's (Double Digit Seas) are certainly not out of the question. Notice in the wind image above the strong Southerly return developing in the YUKE Channel. Based on what the Low does remember Low Pressure allows Sea to rise High Pressure pushes down on the surface. Just Saying but it could be going off. Heres the latest swell direction forecast.2016-03-30_095900
Thats it for now stay tuned for updates.

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