Heres our latest Buoy Obs. Long Period Groundswell energy from previous Hurricane Force Low in the North Atlantic a few days ago, “A Major Swell Event” showing on the Indicator Buoy’s. Seas MAXED at excess 40 Feet. Most of the energy and fetch was directed South towards PR and the Islands and over into the East-Atlantic (EATLC) So for anyone confused on our social feeds about MAJOR SWELL EVENT EATLC the swell is for primarily that side of the pond. With that said the forecast has always been size of the NE Swell for East U.S. Coast beaches as the swell periods would be in the 15 second plus range as front runners. Here’s the latest 24HR NOAA Swell Map. Another reason this qualifies for MAJOR SWELL Event status is it’s not often use see 15-18 second periods going pretty much all the way around the rim. The GALE you see in the image is current it is moving away and the next storm system is just inside of 72 hours of moving off the coast. More on that later.
Here’s the latest visible GOES. The GALE up towards Nova Scotia still putting out a little NE Groundswell at around 14 Feet. It played a negative when it first developed of the Mid-ATLC creating some stiff SSW and Westerly flow into the incoming NE Groundswell.
Speaking of groundswell here are the OBS on the Indicator Buoys.
East Hatteras ENE Groundswell 8 Feet 14-16 Seconds. This is up 3 FEET since yesterday afternoon and appears to be continuing on a slight increase as the GALE now has it’s back.
South Hatteras NNE 4 FEET 14 Seconds up 2 Feet since yesterday.
And the Paul West Bermuda Buoy 6-8 FEET ENE Swell 14 Seconds this is also up 3-4 FEET since yesterday afternoon.
Swell should start to fill in a bit more later this afternoon with majority of energy on this side aimed at Central Florida. Now that you got an extra hour may be worth a check when you get off work.
For our Island Followers SOLID SWELL showing on South Bermuda Buoy coming to you. Not sure what your winds are doing for you but swell height has doubled since yesterday from 4 Feet to 8-9 Feet at 16 Seconds. Could See Double D’s by this afternoon.
2016-03-17_122629 Waiting on the next set of model runs this next incoming system is doe to cross into the Atlantic on Sunday. Previous runs had a more Southerly Track and now appear to split energy and shift towards the North and then West. That trend is bad for surf. We need it to go more East to catch the NE Fetch. This system as the potential to become a MAJOR WINTER Storm as it rapidly intensifies off the Mid-Atlantic. Big difference in the last 72 hours from moving into NE Florida Waters to now Off the OBX.
Models continue to show wild swings coming through the rest of the month with a Possible MAJOR ICE STORM in about 8-10 days. Lots of uncertainty but winter definitely not over at least according to what we are seeing in the models and patterns developing. Stay Tuned for the next update.

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