Surf Alert-Pan Handle, Quick Shot Tomorrow-East Coast

Looks like SURF ALERT finally for the Pan Handle today, possibly tomorrow morning. Forecast looking better for the East Coast tomorrow morning as well. Gulf Buoys still showing positive trends this morning and winds look to go sideshore offshore later this afternoon and will remain light at or around 10 kts. Buoy 42040, Dauphin, AL. still posting a slight upward tick and 42039, P-Cola looks like it’s increasing a bit as well as of report time. Strong offshores tomorrow will knock down whatever is there on both coasts so get what you can.

There appears to be three separate lows in the Gulf this morning so the wind forecast today is difficult to pin down. If the Northern most gets up towards the Pan Handle and holds together winds could go offshore this afternoon.


The low that started it all is moving off to the NE away from the tip of the Yucatan. It became totally exposed yesterday afternoon. Here’s the last visible image I captured yesterday right before dark. If you Facebook, I posted several images throughout the afternoon yesterday. You can follow us on Facebook by searching Da Buh in the search menu.


Here’s a closeup of the low this morning taken at 7:15 EDT


Here’s the IR shot and what appears to be the main low of concern. There is alot of uncertainty once this crosses the state as far as surf is concerned but there could be a fun waist to chest high wave in the morning. That’s the best I can offer you at this time East Coasters.


Current intensity models want to crank this up in the next 24 hours to a strong tropical storm. The NHC is only giving this a 10% chance of development but they are going by the criteria of what makes a low transform into a tropical cyclone classification. Classification is not important here and something to keep in mind is this looks to pass over the Glades and the Okeechobee where it will continue to draw up moisture without being over open water.  With that said all we can do is monitor the winds and the buoys throughout the day, into the night, to see if the East Coast will wake to SURF ALERT or blown flat. I hope to update later today so stay tuned !!!!!!

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