Go West Young Man !

Go West Young Man became a popular phrase used to describe opportunities back in the day. If your for an opportunity to get wet and live on the East Coast of Florida, Go West Young Man because the East Coast looks to be stuck in a period of flatness with no relief in sight. Pan Handle region got a bump that came up yesterday that looks to hold until Thursday and West Florida should start to see some action starting tomorrow as the Western Buoys in the GOMEX are cranking up some decent winds. Freeport Buoy was reporting winds NNW 25-30 kts overnight and the Brownsville Buoy is showing about the same. Nothing to get real excited about, but unless you can afford a plane ticket outta here, that’s your only option other than to go fish.

Here’s what it’s looking like. The low that was forecast last week to ride along the Gulf Shores and exit East of Hatteras will now move out of Eastern Texas up and out to the NE over the next few days with High pressure building in behind over NE Florida. The bad news will be continued flatness for the East Coast with the Pan Handle slated for what looks to be at the moment, another good bump next week.



Here’s a look at the overnight run of the GFS. Tuesday the low that has been nearly stationary over Texas gets on the move. This low has brought some much needed relief in the form of snow and rain for this drought struck region.


On Wednesday the low will be crossing into the Western half of Tennessee.


Thursday up moving over New York.


Fast forward into Sunday with High pressure building in we do see some NNE winds that might, might provide Central Florida with a small bump but not likely.


As winds look to go light with High pressure sitting on top of North Florida. Here’s where the Pan Handle sees there next bump developing with a Southerly flow from the backside of the high with a halfway decent fetch.


Then on Tuesday this looks to enhance a bit in front of the next low moving into Texas seen entering in the left side of the image. This looks to possibly be a repeat of whats going on now however not much confidence this far out as model performance in the long term forecast has not be very reliable as of late.


Cross your fingers on this next forecast low next week. We have seen a few past runs suggest that this one could exit off Hatteras but have not seen this solution in the latest runs.

Stay tuned for the next update.