First Forecast Update on the “NEW”


Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to the new Here’s the latest update on the Possible Major Swell Event we have been advertising for the last several days. Looks like no shortage of surf coming up for the entire Eastern Seaboard through the Bahamas and over to P.R. and the Virgin Islands. Here’s the latest GOES look at the storm off the Mid-Atlantic. We are still waiting to see exactly what she will do. Remember Low pressure doesn’t form swell over land.


Some of the Images you’ll see are from earlier such as this water vapor image showing a large overall footprint to the storm.


Again from earlier this morning showing lots of pure energy on our side of the Northern Hemi. They say confirmation comes in three’s.


Here’s the latest TAFB swell forecast starting you off on Friday showing wrap around NE Swell coming down the East Coast in the 10-12 second range. Our original forecast was calling for the low to move further offshore sooner and the wrap around NE swell from it would pick up the 16-18 second swell (indicated in red) and send it down the pike. Does not look like that’s gonna happen now. It’s probably a good thing as far as big closeouts are concern.


Then on Saturday moving to 14-15 seconds and spreading South from North of the OBX. You can see the 16-18 second swell is spreading fast but well East of P.R.


And then on Sunday bumping into the 14-15 second range and blasting through to Florida over to the Bahamas and points Eastward.


So the big question is at the moment is when will there be offshores. Here’s the latest wind forecast for the Mayport Poles showing winds coming out of the South prior to the next front pushing through.


Tuesday at the Poles winds swing SW overnight to NW by afternoon. Should be firing on all cylinders.


Heading South to Palm Bch Winds on Monday out of the East to SE and pretty stiff.


Tuesday the offshores are forecast to kick in late morning so it may take a bit to clean it up.


Although the latest model runs are showing the storm drifting away from the East Coast for several days latest wind forecast for the Atlantic showing a large swath of 35-40 kt winds associated with this storm. I have seen some rumblings and there are some hints that the storm may stall and slowly dissipate. Climatologically  we are moving to that time of year where things start to slow down. This is the time of year where we could see an old fashion OBX low setup and just sit and spin off the outer banks.2013-03-05_133158

Stay tuned for the next update and please share our forecast with your friends and family using your favorite social media. Mo Frens Mo Betta.