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Halloween Swell 2014 Trick or Treat

Start you off with a Flash Back Halloween Swell 2012. Two years ago today, Oct. 29, 2012, Hurricane SANDY made landfall in Northern New Jersey helping to produce an all time swell along the U.S. East Coast. We say helping because SANDY was not the only factor in creating the swell that became SANDY. We’ve seen hurricanes before of her

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Quick Update TD 9 and NE Coastal Storm

Keeping up with the Halloween theme of late,L NE getting somewhat of a MONSTER Coastal Storm thats whipping them around pretty good. Lots of heavy rains and strong winds. Here was this mornings water vapor with enhancements showing this monster.Latest Visi-Sat and Buoy OBS as of around 11;30Swell Direction change of Paul West Bermuda showing 4 foot swell height at

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Quick Update 92L/Ex-92L INVEST out on the East Atlantic has produced a NE Groundswell. Watching for it to show up on the St Martins Buoy. Buoy looks to have bottomed out from last swell at about 4 feet @ 10 seconds. 12-13 Second plus on the way next 72-96 hours. This mornings backside look.Next we have a Developing Coastal Storm

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