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POSSIBLE First Spring Bermuda High Swell Setting Up

Quick Update. Models showing some hope of breaking the small for all that is currently setting in showing the seasons first Bermuda High wind swell coming up for the Florida East Coast in a Double Bubble High setup. First time seeing it in this afternoons run of the GFS model forecast. Here’s next Sunday showing weak Low Pressure moving off

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Backside of Active Phase Return of Small for All

Looks like we are now on the downside to this most recent active phase we are in. A little hard to gauge whats really happening right now as things are abnormal for this time of year. The last three years has seen record low tornado activity with this year starting off in uncharted territory.  With that said things are not

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Secondary Low Outbound to NW Atlantic Incoming for OBX

Here’s the latest look. Outbound Secondary Low to the NW Atlantic. Incoming Low to the OBX this weekend. Paul West Bermuda Buoy MAXED yesterday afternoon NNW 14 Feet 12 seconds and has started showing this morning on the South Bermuda Buoy this morning. As of report time NNW Swells 10 Feet at 12 seconds. This is the first initial push from

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