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POSSIBLE Nor’Easter BIG NE Groundswell

ERIKA wasn’t such a bad girl after all. Hopefully you got some of what she was offering up the last couple of days. Was super fun here this morning in NE Florida and the swell is now quickly fading. Buoys this evening showing only about 3 feet of swell from the East Canav bouy all the way up into Nantucket.

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Sunday Morning Surf Update FRED/GRACE ?

Winds are cranking ESE 15-20 this morning out back here in Jax Bch. Waist To Chest bigger sets could make for a fun wave right tide right spot. Solid Swell in the water buoys are up. We now have Tropical Storm FRED off the coast of West Afrika. Models had been moving it towards the West and dropping it. We

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BREAKING Tropical Storm ERIKA Likely to Suffer Same Fate as DANNY

It is becoming increasingly likely that Tropical Storm ERIKA will suffer the same fate as her older brother DANNY in essentially the same position. This mornings visible satellite presentation showing the center of Tropical Storm ERIKA just South of the Dominican Republic.Wind shear and the mountainous island terrain will likely prohibit further development Although wind shear has decreased some to

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