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Latest Atlantic Swell Forecast

Here’s the latest Atlantic Outlook. Previous swell forecast pretty much spot on as New York City’s snowfall forecast. Other than a few select locations along the East Coast it was a bust with Juno. Storm ended up effectively riding the coast eliminating the NE Fetch detailed in last website update. As with other forecasters in New York, I’m sorry. The

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Possible Powerful Aleutian Storm Setting Up

Forecast models over the last 24-48 hours have been trending on a powerful Aleutian Storm setting up. Latest NOAA OPC already showing a rapidly intensifying 994MB Low at 96 out. Forecast models showing POSSIBLE Bomb-ification over the next 24 out to 120 (SUNDAY February 1st) down into the 96MB range.Right now it does not look like it will create a

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POSSIBLE Historic Storm Coming NE U.S.

On January 21st we posted an update “Nearing Possible Extreme Event Coming” We started off by saying that we do not say this lightly. Anytime you use a word such as EXTREME automatically the Nay Sayers come out. It’s why we like to answer them with the Ancient Rainbow Warrior saying, “NEBA TINK SUM TING KNOT POSSIBLE WHEAT-OUT FIRST LUKE-ING

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