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Bombs Away Two 950 Hurricane Force Lows North Atlantic

Looks like two 950 Hurricane Force Lows are coming to the North Atlantic. Likely to be the strongest thus far of the 2014-15 Winter Season. Latest out of ¬†NOAA’S OPC with the first one on the map just East of Greenland at 952MBLatest wind wave showing seas increasing to 16 meters excess 50 feet. If knot mistaken this is the

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Pattern Shift Southerly Suck-Up GOMEX ESE Trade Wind Swell Atlantic

As discussed in previous forecast it looks like this last Hurricane Force Low that kicked off the Mid-Atlantic was the crescendo of the Extreme Event/Phase we just went through. Once the crescendo takes place we typically go into a period of relax after tightening. Think Low Pressure for tightening and High Pressure for relaxing. This phase dates back to January

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T-Minus 48 to Start Storm 2 Another Major Swell Event Coming

Another powerful extreme Oceanic Storm is forecast to develop over the next 48-72 hours off the NE Coast. As advertised, at the moment, this looks to be an Island producer with trace from this one possibly into SOFLO. Latest NOAA swell forecast showing NEW WNW Swell developing next 48 as low pressure begins to develop East of Jersey.Latest 24 hour

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