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Tropical Storm Andres Possible Bill 1st Week of June

Pushed for time. Seasons first Tropical Storm has formed over in the EPAC. Tropical Storm ANDRES Likely to remain a Fish Storm. Last week models were showing a potential Land Fall into the Baja Peninsula.The surface trough and Mid to Upper Level Low we have been watching is fading today.Should be a fun Bump going into the weekend. Have not

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Mid to Upper Low Near Bermuda First T-Wave 2015

Hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day. Lots of ocean rescues occur during this holiday due to RIP Currents and the shear number of people visiting beaches enjoying ocean activities. Had our own personal experience this past weekend with my grandson. It is mportant to know what to do if caught in a RIP. There’s a reason why it’s called

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Memorial Weekend Forecast

VIDEO UPDATE 5-21-2015  Morning Everyone, would like to thank those of you who have donated  to our campaign thus far. We are 4/5th’s away from our stated goal. Things are moving forward in a very positive direction one that you are gonna like.  Although I can’t go into detail at the moment, good things are lining up and dreams are

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