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Two Hurricane Force Lows North Pacific Latest Look at Atlantic

Santa Claus has been spotted over Japan this morning ready to handout the first gifts of Christmas. Hurricane Force Low moving into the North Pacific with WNW Swell headed for Hawaii.Santa also provides us with a teachable moment, showing us a text book example, of what is commonly referred to in meteorology, as a Double Barrel Low. This Low forecast to

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Latest Update on Pacific and Atlantic Swell Forecast

We started our social media feeds the other day with the Ancient Rainbow Warrior sign, “Sign of Da Wolly” And POSSIBLE Mammoth Swell coming for the U.S. West Coast. Current forecast is for developing Hurricane Force Low in the North Central Pacific next 48 hours producing seas in excess of 35 Feet in WNW Swell 15-18 second swell periods and

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Double Major Swell Event Both Atlantic and Pacific

It is not often that we get swell events that affect both U.S. Coast at the same time. We have Double Major Swell Events happening in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with more on the way as models begin hinting at another one coming for the SW Atlantic. Twitter and Facebook followers have already seen most of these images.

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