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Last dance…… last chance….. for love….. Yes it’s our last chance…… for romance…… to-night. Oh oh EYE knead you….. by me….beside me….. and to guide me….. To hold me….. to scold me….. and pump up the surf so bad….. So lets dance….. the last dance…….. to-niiiiight. When preparing to go through our forecast progressions to start the day, we often

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Latest Update POSSIBLE Low Development SE U.S. Coast

Hate to sound like a broken record but lots of uncertainty remains in the upcoming forecast. Models have once again flipped in the overnight. Part of the problem is the little vorticity spin over in the Big Bend and the convection associated with it. Given the right conditions this could become the dominant feature. A carry over model characteristic we

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Monitoring for Low Pressure Development SE U.S. Coast

UPDATE 3PM BOTTOM OF POST So after days on end of fan fare about POSSIBLE Tropical Development off the SE U.S. Coast coming we have finally arrived as the front begins to settle over the next couple of days. As of right now it appears that if anything was to try and develop it would be a slow process over

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